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What is 25Live Pro?

25Live Pro is an application used to search for space availability at Mercy College. It is a tool used to assign spaces for both classes and events. Moreover, it can assist faculty and staff with event planning and room reservations by providing the following information:

  • Space availability
  • Photos and diagrams of assignable spaces at all four campuses
  • Room attributes and features of assignable spaces

Click here to view 25Live Pro and feel free to utilize the 25Live Pro Instructions to assist you with navigation. 

Faculty and staff can review information in 25Live Pro, such as room availability and space details. 

Read more about 25Live Pro reservations.

Read more about our classroom & equipment use policy.

Access is required to submit reservation requests in 25Live Pro. It is important to note access is not required to view space availability, room photos, and room attributes/features.

Read more about access to 25Live Pro.

View Activity & Available Spaces On-Campus

The links below will provide you with a calendar grid view of activity and available spaces at each campus. The calendar grids show all classes and events taking place at each campus today, from 7:00AM to 11:00PM. The column on the left is a listing of spaces at each campus, excluding some labs and specialty spaces. Note you are able to select different dates at the top of the grid and toggle to different campuses on the same page.

Additional Resources for 25Live Pro