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Need 25Live Pro Access?

Access is required to submit reservation requests online in 25Live Pro. It is important to note access is not required to view space availability, room photos and room attributes/features. Click here to view 25Live Pro and feel free to utilize the How to Search for Events, Locations and Room Availability PDF.

To receive 25Live Pro access, all faculty/staff who manage room requests for their department must attend the required one-hour 25Live New User Training Session.

Based on the demand, 25Live Pro New User Training Sessions take place once a month. After attending the required training, credentials and a 25Live Pro New User Packet will be emailed to requesters. 

25Live Pro New User Training Sessions

25Live Pro New User Training Sessions cover the basics:

  • Introduction to 25Live Pro
  • How to Search for Room Availability
  • How to Request a Room
  • How to Search for Events
Request Access

To request 25Live Pro access and training please email Marylou Alvarez (

25Live Pro New User Packet
  • Campus Inventories of all assignable spaces at each campus, room descriptions, room numbers and room capacities.
  • Instructional Videos on How to Request a Room, Search for Room Availability Using Event Creation, Introduction to Dashboard, Check Room Request Status in Tasks Tab and Search for Events, Locations & Room Availability. 
  • Detailed PDF Instructions on How to Request a room, Search for Events, Locations & Room Availability, How to Search for Room Availability Using Event Creation, and Customize Your Dashboard.