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Classroom & Equipment Use Policy

By submitting a space reservation, requestors agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • All reservation requests are subject to administrative approval.
  • After use, all reserved spaces need to be returned to their original intended state. 
  • All contents, including technology and furniture in this room, must be returned to its original location. 
  • Requesters are responsible for contacting any service providers (i.e. IT, facilities and/or food services) with any updates to reservations, including cancellations. 
  • Requesters are responsible for contacting any service providers for cancellation without notice.
  • Requesters are liable for any fees incurred for services associated with any providers for cancellation without notice.
  • In the event of mandatory and/or emergency maintenance needs, dates and/or room locations are subject to change. This includes any facilities maintenance, IT maintenance, etc. 
  • Security should be notified of events taking place on campus, especially those that may involve large groups, and/or outside attendees not normally associated with the College, for both safety and parking issues. 
  • If applicable and/or if there is involvement of internal/external services (i.e. facilities, IT, food services), set-up and take-down time post-event maintenance should be factored into each submitted reservation. 
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