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Fire Safety
  • Know the location of emergency exits
  • When you hear the fire alarm evacuate the building immediately, even if you believe it may be a false alarm
  • Move well away from the doors of the building
  • Failure to evacuate during a fire alarm will result in a $50 fine
  • Do not prop open hallway doors which have automatic closing devices. Automatic closing doors are designed to prevent the spread of fire.

Initiating a false fire report or tampering with fire equipment is illegal, very dangerous and will result in criminal prosecution.

If a Fire Alarm Sounds
  1. Exit the building quickly, but do not run
  2. Do not stop to collect valuables
  3. Use normal exits if you can, but never use an elevator
  4. You must exit the building and stay clear of all roadways

Do not re-enter the building until you have been given permission by a Campus Safety officer or the Fire Department.

Fire Tips
  • Before opening a door, feel near the top for heat. If it is cool, open it slowly
  • If smoke is present, close the door and use another route
  • Always close the door behind you to limit the spread of fire and smoke
  • If you must go through heat or heavy smoke, crawl on the floor because heat and smoke rise
  • If you become trapped, stuff a sheet or jacket under the door to keep out the smoke
  • Open a window and yell for help. If there is a phone, call Campus Safety at x 7225
Fire Safety

Students, faculty and staff are required to view this video and understand the procedures relating to fire safety.