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Adjunct Faculty

A full summary of the benefits offered to adjunct faculty by Mercy College.

Adjunct faculty members are eligible for coverage under New York State Short Term Disability immediately upon hire.

Adjunct faculty are eligible for tuition remission towards matriculated graduate programs at 50% of the cost per semester. Approved tuition remission will be taxable as income to the recipient. All application policies and procedures apply.

Adjunct faculty may also audit courses at no cost to them with the approval of the respective school dean.

Adjunct faculty may enroll in the college's retirement (403B) program. Payroll deductions may be remitted to either of the carriers. The carriers are:

There is no contribution by the College.

For more information please contact the respective representatives:

  • Mass Mutual Group:
    Matthew Laurence - (914) 220-8290
  • TIAA: Eugene Glenn - (800) 732-8353
  • Theater Tickets (Plum Benefits)
  • Westchester Broadway Theater - (914) 592-2268
  • Fitness Memberships to Globalfit gyms
  • Bronx Zoo - (718) 741-1432
  • Verizon Phones (
  • Dell Computers
  • Hewlett Packard Computers
  • Travel/Shopping through ( (User ID: please click on the Employee Info Center tab (Benefits channel) in Mercy Connect)

For more information on any of the benefits, please visit Mercy Connect and click on the Employee Info Center tab.