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FAQs for Applicants

How do I apply for a job at Mercy College?

An updated listing of vacancies is continuously available on the Employment page by clicking on Vacant Positions. The listing provides the titles and brief summaries of the jobs currently available, as well as the minimum position requirements. Applicants may either click on the image indicating "Faculty Positions," "Staff Positions," or "Inter/Volunteer Positions." By clicking on the respective link, postings will be sorted to reveal only those particular vacancies. If you would like to see all vacancies, please click on the "Search Postings" link to the left of the page. The tiles of the positions are bolded. To view the details of the position, please click on "View," which appears directly below the title. You may "Return to the Search Results" or "Apply for the Position" after reading the details of the position.

How often do you post new positions on your website?

An updated listing of staff position vacancies is continuously available on the Employment website by clicking on Vacant Positions. New vacancies are added as they become available and existing postings are removed when the position is filled.

How do I know if a job I see posted is still open?

All jobs that appear on the website are still open. They may be at different stages of the interview/hiring process, but they are still open. Job openings are not removed until they are filled.

Do you accept general resumes?

No, the Office of Human Resources is unable to keep general resumes on file. Please apply for a specific position.

Is a resume and cover letter required with an application?

Yes, all applications must be accompanied by an updated resume and cover letter. The cover letter should indicate the applicant's salary requirement if hired for the job.

Must I repeat my employment history on the application even though I am attaching a resume that has all the information?

Yes, your application is a legal document and is required by man regulatory agencies.

After I submit an application or resume, when should I expect a response?

Normally you will receive an email from the Office of Human Resources acknowledging that your resume/application has been received. You will also receive a confirmation number after your application has been successfully completed. You may log into your account on the web page and check the status of your application at any time by clicking on the link on the left side of the page. If you experience technical problems while applying for a position, please contact the Human Resources Associate who is listed as the manager of the search for that vacancy.

To how many positions may I apply?

If you believe that you are qualified, you may apply for as many different positions as you wish. You will need to submit a separate application with supporting documents for each position that you wish to apply for.

How many times can I apply for the same position?

You may apply for the same position as many times ay you'd like, but only one application/resume is necessary to be considered for a particular position. Applying multiple times for a particular position will not speed up the application process or cause the reviewer's consideration of an applicant's qualification to change. 

How do I get to your locations?

Please use the following link for directions to and a description of each of the Mercy College campuses.