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Committees and Bylaws

NOTE: Bylaws are added after they have been approved by the Mercy College Faculty Senate. 

Standing Committees of the Senate (4)

  • Agenda
  • Committee on Committees
  • Bylaws of the Senate Constitution and Bylaws - PDF iconBylaws
  • Microgrants - PDF iconBylaws

Standing Committees of the Faculty (Elected by the Faculty) (2)

  • Multi-year Contract Review (MYCR)
  • Personnel, Promotion, and Tenure (PPT)

Standing Committees of the Faculty (Appointed by the Senate) (12)

  • Academic Standards, Policies, and Regulations (undergraduate) 
  • Admissions Policy
  • Advisory Committee for Teaching and Learning - PDF iconBylaws
  • Assessment of Student Learning 
  • Faculty Development
  • Global and Cultural Diversity - PDF iconBylaws
  • Graduate Academic Policy 
  • Graduate Curriculum Committee  - PDF iconBylaws
  • Institutional and Professional Standards - PDF iconBylaws
  • Learning Environment - PDF iconBylaws
  • Library - PDF iconBylaws
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee        

Standing Committees of the College (Faculty Members Appointed by the President) (7)

  • Academic Appeals (undergraduate)
  • Academic Appeals (graduate)
  • Economic and Fiscal Matters
  • Health and Safety (new)
  • Institutional Effectiveness - PDF iconBylaws
  • Strategic Planning - PDF iconBylaws
  • Student Success and Engagement