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Service Obstacle System (SOS) at Mercy College

The Service Obstacle System (SOS) at Mercy College is an online problem resolution system designed for campus community members to identify obstacles that impede our ability to provide excellent service that is Responsive, Accurate, Courteous and Efficient. We want to hear from members of our community on how we can do even better when it comes to supporting our students.

How does the Service Obstacle System work?

If you have identified a service obstacle, we want to hear about it in order to fix it. Community members will be able to submit an obstacle via this form.

The SOS Service Excellence will work in partnership with community members throughout the college to find and develop a solution.

**Keep in mind: The service obstacle system is intended to alert the College to issues that are larger in scope, those which may involve multiple departments at the College. SOS is not a “complaint box” for relatively minor problems, and there are specific departments listed below where you can go directly with a particular issue.

New students, parents, visitors and even staff are frustrated by the lack of public transit available at XYZ College. There are no busses that stop near or at campus, and the nearest train station is over 20 minutes away without any way to get to campus, other than a taxi or car service. There are no shuttles from the college, or even through the county or state where it is located. There is also no way for students to travel between the college’s two campuses which are about 30 minutes away from each other. 

This causes frustration for visitors and new students who do not have their own transportation. It could also deter students from attending who are not able to have their car on campus. 

A service excellence solution might be a shuttle service to the train station nearest the campus and a shuttle services that goes back and forth between the college’s two campus locations.

The following types of issues should be addressed as follows, rather than submitted through the SOS form:


The Human Resource (HR) Department provides guidance and guidelines to employees on all matters related to their employment relationship with the College. Managers and supervisors should contact HR for assistance in handling any employee related issues that occur during working hours.

Information on various HR topics including but not limited to Benefits, College Policies, and the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) may be found on the Employee Information Center (EIC) on Mercy Connect. The EIC contains additional information such as HR Calendars and Payroll schedules, and contact information for staff in the HR and Payroll departments.

Questions related to Payroll should be directed to the Payroll Department.


For any campus issues, simply make a request using the work order link: Your request will be promptly logged into the system and responded to in a timely manner. If an attachment needs to be added to the request or additional information about the request needs to be given to us, please feel free to email Facilities Issues at Please include the service request number that was provided to you when you submitted the work order.

For all emergencies such as flooding water, fire or electrical hazards, please call the Facilities Department at (914) 674-7638 during business hours, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday.

For the Brooklyn, Harlem or New Rochelle locations, all facilities issues should be directed to: Monica Torres at or (914) 839-3045

Any emergency after business hours or on weekends must be called in to Security at the following numbers:

  • Dobbs Ferry and Tarrytown (914) 674-7225
  • Bronx (718) 678-8983
  • Brooklyn (914) 826-9247
  • Harlem (914) 826-9250
  • Manhattan (212) 615-3319
  • New Rochelle (914) 826-9237
  • Yorktown (914) 455-2174

**Please do not send emails for emergency related issues **

Information Technology (IT)

Please find below the process for reaching out to the IT Help Desk:

Q: How can I contact the IT Help Desk to get technical support or make a routine technology request?

A: Email or call (886) 767-9508, 24 hours a day (or x 7526)