Off-Campus Access FAQs

  • Who has off-campus access to the Mercy College Libraries' databases?

Licensing agreements with database vendors restrict off-campus access to currently enrolled Mercy students, faculty and staff.

Alumni should also call the Alumni Relations Office at 914-674-7759 or email for library and additional alumni services.

If you are not affiliated with Mercy,  you may visit a campus, and library staff can help you with accessing the databases on campus.

  • How do I access the libraries' databases off campus?

Go to the Mercy College Libraries website at

Select the desired database from Find Articles by Subject or Find Articles by Database Name.

The Off Campus Remote Login will open.  Enter your Mercy Connect username and password.  Successful login will take you to the desired database.

  • How do I get a Mercy Connect username and password ?

Currently enrolled students, faculty or staff of Mercy College should already have one.

If you don't have an account or don't remember it, go to User Lookup to create or retrieve it.

  • My username and password do not work!

Contact the Mercy College IT department if your username and password do not work. Call 914-674-7526, or send an email to

  • My username and password work, but I still cannot access the databases!

Which browser are you using?

Mercy College Libraries recommend that you use Firefox, but you may use any other browser (IE, Safari, Chrome, etc.) except the AOL browser, which is sometimes not compatible with other systems. 

You may still use AOL to connect to the internet, but minimize it and use another browser to search the libraries' databases.

Have you cleared your cache files?

Browsers cache (store) files every time you visit a site.  This needs to be cleared periodically so your system can work more efficiently. See instructions for clearing cache files from different browsers.

Are cookies enabled in your browser?

Cookies must be enabled in your browser in order to access some of the databases.  See instructions on how to enable cookies in various browsers.

 Is Java installed and enabled in your browser?

Java should be installed and activated on your system, since it is needed for certain files in some of the databases to work properly. See instructions on how to download and enable Java in different browsers.

Are you behind a firewall or have security software installed?

Sometimes a firewall or security software (are you trying this at work?) might prevent you from accessing the libraries' databases.  If you are on your own computer, try temporarily disabling your firewall or security software.

  • I am able to search the database, but the full text documents won't open!

IE's browser compatibility view (see here) allows you to switch to an earlier version of the browser that might work better with the database you are using

Still experiencing database problems? 

Send an email to  Briefly describe the problem you are having.