Mercy University HHMI Inclusive Excellence Initiative

School of Health and Natural Sciences

HHMI Initiative's Goal

Increase Mercy's capacity to provide a high-quality, affordable, and accessible education for all students, with an initial focus on the biology major, through:

  • Ongoing systematic and comprehensive analyses of the barriers faced by Mercy students
  • Implementation of evidence-based curricular and institutional reforms
  • Increased access of faculty to training and implementation of high-impact practices; and
  • Continual assessment and modification of institutional initiatives to ensure that all students and faculty are being served. 

This initiative is funded through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, an organization with a strong commitment to supporting the training and development of future scientists from diverse backgrounds.

Inclusive Excellence Fellows Academy

Post-doctoral candidates in all branches of biology, chemistry, and biochemistry with a strong passion for teaching diverse student populations are invited to become a Mercy University
HHMI IE Teaching Fellow! 
This is a chance to teach as an adjunct instructor at Mercy while gaining training in evidence-based inclusive pedagogies and high-impact practices through our Inclusive Excellence Fellows Academy!

Earn a B.S. in Business Administration with a specialization in Data Analytics.

Data Analytics

Our efforts toward making Mercy a hub for inclusive excellence include striving to develop analytical tools that integrate psychosocial, demographic, and academic factors to help us better understand and address the needs of our biology majors and eventually, our campus as a whole. These endeavors involve a comprehensive evaluation of Mercy's inclusive excellence standards at the institutional and individual levels. This project will allow for widespread change to enhance student success, faculty and student communication, and the overall Mercy experience.

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