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Faculty Development Committee Mission

The mission of the Faculty Development Committee is to assist in the professional growth of the faculty members of Mercy College. The Faculty Development Committee facilitates the professional growth of the faculty members at Mercy College by providing grant monies to faculty engaged in research, scholarship, and service activities.

Goals of the Faculty Development Awards

Faculty Development Grants are available to full-time and adjunct faculty members.  Faculty may apply for a single grant per academic year (September - August).  Full-time faculty may request a maximum of $3,000 and part-time faculty may request a maximum of $1,500.

Faculty Development Grants are meant to foster the following qualities:

  • Development of peer standing
  • Development of professional and scholarly excellence
  • Enhancement of teaching 
  • Contribution to Mercy College scholarly activity
  • Contribution to professional and scholarly communities


Faculty Development Grant Awards

Mercy College supports faculty development through a variety of funds, including School Travel Funds, School Development Funds, Faculty Development Committee Funds and external grant programs. This document guides the applicant through the Faculty Development Committee awards application processes.

The application deadlines are as follows:


Preceding March 31st


Preceding November 3rd

*If you intend to work on your project from July 1 – December 31th, applications must be received before March 31st.

**If you intend to work on your project from January 1 – June 30th,  applications must be received before November 3rd.

Applications received after the posted deadlines, will not be reviewed. Applicants should resubmit their application for the next funding cycle.

Click the following link to access the faculty development grant application:

Mercy College full-time, core faculty are eligible for a competitively-awarded course release for faculty development, with a particular focus on pursuit of scholarship with the aim of advancing scholarly work towards external support.

Mercy College Faculty Development Committee 2017-18





Dr. Orlando Barreiro

Assistant Professor

School of Business


Dr. Li Yong

Assistant Professor

 School of Business


Dr. Terri-Lynn Germain-Williams

Assistant Professor

School of Education


Dr. Mi-Hyun Chung

Associate Professor

School of Education


Dr. Charles Li

Assistant Professor

School of Liberal Arts


Dr. Lisa Ecklund-Flores

Associate Professor

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Dr. Alberto Manzi

Assistant Professor

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Mr. Moddie Breland

Assistant Professor



Dr. Saul Fisher

Executive Director, Grants and Academic Initiatives

Office of the Provost