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Media Studies: Radio and Television Production
Bachelor's Degree

More people watch television and listen to radio than ever before. Imagine being in a field of communication that reaches the largest audiences ever. With Mercy College’s Media Studies program, you can be.

The program offers a specialization in Radio and Television Production, with a challenging course of study in technical and non-technical skills. It’s for students who work well in communal environments like sharing ideas to facilitate a creative experience. You’ll gain analytical, technical, and practical skills through academic course work, hands-on studio application, and internships with local media outlets. Graduates of the program are well equipped to compete in the broadcast marketplace.

If you want to broadcast to millions, Mercy can help you get there.

Career Opportunities

Representative career opportunities include: producer, camera operator, scriptwriter, technical director, graphics producer, video editor, production coordinator, video librarian, production manager, stage manager, post production manager, lighting director, facility manager, tape operator, radio announcer and audio mixer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Mercy College?
We’re one of the few four-year colleges in the region that offer a specialization in radio and television production. You’ll get the hands-on training you might not get elsewhere. Also, production courses are specialized, so you’ll become very knowledgeable with that application.

Are internships available for college credit?
For Journalism and Radio and Television Production, they’re both available and required. For the Film/Culture concentration, they’re suggested, but not required.
Are there jobs in this field?
Yes. Over 53 percent of the program's graduates got jobs immediately after graduation. These graduates work in both technical and non-technical positions at CNN, NY; Fox News, NY; Titan Sports, CT; WKMG-TV, Orlando, FL; RNN, NY; WNBC-TV News; WABC-TV; Family Channel; ESPN, NY and ESPN, Florida.
Is this major offered at other campus locations?
No. Because of TV and radio studio costs, courses in Television and Radio Production are only offered at the Dobbs Ferry Campus. All general education courses, however, can be taken at any location.
Is this field competitive?
Yes. That’s why we ensure you’ll be as prepared as you need to be. "Luck" happens when preparedness intersects with opportunity.
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