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Direct Loan Program

Direct loans can help offset the cost of tuition and course-related expenses, but they must be re-paid. Direct Loans are backed by the Department of Education.

  • Direct Subsidized Stafford Loans: These are subsidized student loans. The government pays the interest on the loan while you are in school. Eligibility is based on financial need
  • Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loans: Available regardless of financial need. However, unlike a subsidized loan, interest accumulates from the first day of disbursement. Students have the choice to pay interest charges while in school or defer payments until graduation
    • The maximum amount of combined subsidized and unsubsidized loans that students may borrow for the academic year is as follows:
        Dependent Students Independent Students
      Freshmen $5,500 (maximum $3,500 Subsidized) $9,500 (maximum $3,500 Subsidized)
      Sophomore $6,500 (maximum $4,500 Subsidized) $10,500 (maximum $4,500 Subsidized)
      Junior $7,500 (maximum $5,500 Subsidized) $12,500 (maximum $5,500 Subsidized)
      Senior $7,500 (maximum $5,500 Subsidized) $12,500 (maximum $5,500 Subsidized)


    • Direct Parent PLUS Loans: Available to the parents of undergraduate dependent students. The maximum amount that can be borrowed is up to the cost of attendance less other aid