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Other Award Opportunities

College Department Scholarships

Each department has its own scholarship and awards based on its own requirements. For more information, visit the departments' pages.

Campus Employment

You can work for Mercy College while you attend Mercy College. Employment opportunities are awarded to full-time students in good academic standing. Assignments are made based on financial need and the skills required. 

Students work 12-20 hours per week at the prevailing rate of pay. Contact the Career Development Office for more information. 

National and Community Service Program

A new program provides full-time educational awards of $4,725 a year. A student can work before, during or after college and the funds can be used either to pay current educational expenses or to repay federal student loans. Only high school graduates or those students with a GED may participate. For more information call (800) 942-2677 or write to: The Corporation for National and Community Service, 1100 Vermont Avenue, N.W., Washington DC 20525.