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The Mercy College Honors Program

May we have the honor . . . of challenging the way you think?

The Mercy College Honors Program offers unique preparation for high achieving students through academic challenges, an enriched learning experience and engaging co-curricular activities. 

Honors students are invited to participate in activities that expand their awareness of the cultural, social and historical diversity of the world. Students participate in seminar opportunities with world leaders, academic scholars and industry executives.

Welcome to the Mercy College Honors Program! We are excited to talk with you please send us your questions or comments. 

As a member of the Mercy College Honors Program you will receive benefits to help you achieve your academic goals.

Benefits include:

  • A Laptop Computer
  • Small Class Size
  • Priority Registration
  • Study Abroad Opportunities
  • Preparation to Succeed

Experience what you are learning in the classroom first hand. Through interactive courses and field trips students are given the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom.

Learn more about joining the Mercy College Honors Program.

Learn more about the scholarships and awards that are available to members of the Honors Program.