The Mercy College Honors Program offers unique preparation for high achieving students through exceptional academic challenges, an enriched learning experience, and engaging co-curricular activities.

The Honors Program activities are selected to expand students’ awareness of the cultural, social, and historical diversity of the world. Honors students are invited to participate in exclusive seminar opportunities with world leaders, academic scholars, and industry executives.

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Honors Perks

Laptop Computer

Technology plays an important role in the Honors Program curriculum, therefore each student is issued a personal laptop computer. Professors incorporate creative teambuilding exercises, research projects and online class discussions beyond the classroom.

Small Classes

Honors classes have average enrollments of less than 20 students, allowing maximum opportunity for in-depth interaction with Mercy College’s distinguished faculty. In Honors classes, students feel more comfortable contributing to class discussions and participating in group activities.

Priority Registration

Students are given the first opportunity to register for classes. This ensures that participants of the Honors track do not get blocked from any courses they wish to take and allows for the creation of an ideal course schedule.

Academic Advantages


Study Abroad

The Program provides students the opportunity to live and study in places around the world and expose them to history, art, economics, sciences and culture with first-hand experience.


Prepared to Succeed

Students in the Honors Program will have the choice of several prestigious internship placements during their junior and senior years.