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Representative Honors Program Courses

Honors faculty create classes that keep you involved. You will gain a new way of looking at the world and have hands on experiences to take with you after college and into your career.

Below are representatives of the courses you will be able to take with the Honors Program.

Honors Biology: Darwin's Legacy

This course examines not only the fundamental impact of Darwin's Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection upon the study of Biology, but also its effects on religion, philosophy, history, psychology and politics.

Honors Business: International Business

By teaching current events is not enough to understand the challenges in the business world. The class delves into the history of international relations, students research cultural difference and are asked to understand how these differences effect international relations.

Honors Humanities: The Performing Arts as a Living Text

A cross-discipline approach designed to cultivate an appreciation of the performing arts. The course includes selected readings in world literature from various genres, complementing related activities like museums, concert halls and conferences.

Honors History of Art: Art and Culture

Primarily concerned with the period from Late Antiquity to Early Modernism, this course concentrates on themes of community, looking at how art reflects the development of political, social and religious communities.

Honors English: The Quest in Western Literature

An analysis of a number of literary texts in which protagonists embark on journeys of exploration and adventure to examine the passions and polemics of their times. Works studied include: the Aeneid, the Divine Comedy and Don Quixote.

Honors Music: Jazz

A survey of jazz through the past hundred years. The course analyzes its essential musical elements, creative processes and the intimate connections with race, class and culture.