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Am I eligible for scholarships?

International undergraduate students are eligible for scholarships under the following conditions: the student (1) graduate from a U.S. high school, (2) transferred to Mercy College from an American college or university with 24 or more credits and 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA, (3) is a member of PTK or ABG at their community college, (4) qualifies for NCAA division II athletic scholarship. Certain graduate programs may have scholarship, but they are limited and highly competitive. All students are automatically considered for scholarship. There is not separate application.

Do you provide full-funding at the undergraduate or graduate level for students who need it?

Mercy College offers a wide variety of liberal arts and professional programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Our primary focus is on small class sizes, student services and a high quality, personalized academic experience. Such as, Mercy College is not a research university and cannot provide full-funding to either undergraduate or graduate students.

Is there an application deadline?

No,  Mercy College operates on a Rolling Admissions schedule, so we accept applications at any time. However, we ask that you submit your documents for admission and an I-20 at least 30 days before the start date of your program so you have enough time to get an F-1 student visa or transfer your SEVIS record from your current U.S. institution.

 When should I submit my admissions documents? (Transcripts, evaluation, TOEFL/IELTS scores)?

Before submitting any admissions documents, please first submit an online or paper application.

Can I get CPT/OPT at Mercy College?

Yes, provided that your CPT/OPT has been approved by both the program director and the director of international students. Usually, CPT is not authorized for more than 20 hours per week. Additionally, graduate students usually do not receive authorization for CPT in the firs term unless it is required by the program. Undergraduate students must have one year of full-time CPT/OPT is not approved or reviewed until after acceptance. Please see our Employment Guidelines for more information.

Can I work while studying at Mercy College?

Students are eligible for three types of employment on an F-1 student visa: (1) on-campus, (2) CPT, (3) OPT. Please note that on-campus positions for International Students are limited as a non-research university we have few graduate assistants. Please see our Employment Guidelines for more information.

When can I get my I-20?

Students can apply for their I-20 after they receive admission to Mercy College. The International Students Office will contact you within one week of acceptance. Please see the Getting Your I-20 section of the International Students Office website for more information.

What type of financial documents do I need to submit for my I-20 and when do I submit them?

Please submit your financial documents when applying for an I-20 after you are admitted. They are not required for admission into Mercy College. Please see the Getting Your I-20 section of the International Students Office website for more information.

What documents do I need to apply?

An explanation of the required admission documents for international students can be found on our Admissions Requirements page.

I have certified translation of my transcripts. Do I still need to purchase an evaluation?

Yes, you still need to purchase an evaluation. Please submit copies of your translations to a NACES, AICE or AACRAO - approved agency since they will be needed to perform your evaluation.

I took a secondary exam like the GCSE, CXC or WAEC. Do I still need to purchase an evaluation?

Yes, please send your results to a NACES, AICE or AACRAO - approved evaluation agency.

Do you consider 3 year Bachelor's degree graduate as eligible for admission to Mercy College's graduate programs?

Yes, please visit our Admissions Requirements page for more information.

I am going to a community college for one semester or I am already attending a community college and I plan to transfer to Mercy College. What courses should I take?

We suggest that transfer students focus on their General Education requirements (English, Math, History, Sociology, Psychology, Arts, etc.) while attending a community college. We do not recommend that students take lab science courses before transferring. If you plan to transfer after one semester, please take the highest-level English and Math courses that you qualify for.

I have a Nursing license from my home country. Am I eligible for admission into Mercy College's RN to BSN Nursing program?

Mercy College's RN (Registered Nurse) to BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) program requires a valid American RN License for admission. If you have a foreign Nursing license, you must first enroll in a 2-year American RN degree program or pass the licensing exam.

My TOEFL/IELTS score is too low. Do you offer a conditional admission or ESL program?

Yes, we offer a conditional admission program with our partner ESL schools. Please see our Conditional Admission ESL Program page for more information.

How can I pay the $40 application fee? There isn't an option to pay online and my country's banking system no longer supports checks?

Please complete the online application and contact International Admissions after you apply. We can waive the fee for you so it is free of charge. The application does not require payment in order to be submitted.

I have an American name. Should I use it to apply?

No, please apply using the name that appears on your passport.

I am on a J-1 visa and currently participating in an exchange or au-pair program. Can I take classes at Mercy College?

Yes, please apply using the Non-Matriculating Student application if you do not plan to enroll in a degree program at Mercy College.

What is the tuition for an international student?

At Mercy College, international students pay the same tuition as their American peers. Please see our Tuition and Fees page for more information.

If I have an IB Diploma or Transcript, do I need an evaluation?

No, IB transcripts are not required to be evaluated. Please send your official IB transcripts to our Student Services Support Center. (Please note that if you have attended less than two years of high school in an IB program, or if your program uses a nontraditional grading scale, an evaluation may be required).

What does "tuition is calculated on a per-credit basis" mean?

At the graduate-level, tuition is calculated on a per-credit basis. In the U.S., one class is usually worth 3 credits. To calculate the cost of a course, multiply the number of credits by the cost per credit.

Are international students eligible to enroll in every program at Mercy College?

At this time, international students cannot enroll in the following programs due to F-1 visa requirements: MS Secondary Education, MS TESOL, MS Teaching Literacy, MS School Building Leadership, Generic Nursing (4-year program).

What counts as a "full-time student" for my F-1 student status?

The definition of a full-time student depends on your program. Please consult our Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Calendar if you are unsure what kind of schedule your program follows. Please see the table below for the definition of a full-time student bases on a semester, trimester and quarter based programs:

Undergraduate Graduate
Semester only: 12 credits per semester

Fall and Spring are the required terms
Semester programs: 9 credits per semester

Fall and Spring are the required terms

Trimester programs: 6 credits per trimester

PA - summer/fall/spring

PT and OT - fall/spring/summer


Quarter programs: 6 credits per quarter

Fall, Winter and Spring and the required terms