PACT Facts


The Mercy PACT is an unprecedented program which ensures students’ success by creating mutual responsibility between the students and the College. Mercy College assigns PACT mentors to work with individual students in order to create a realistic plan for personal and academic success customized to that student’s needs and goals. The program produces a student who has superior skills and greater opportunities for the future.


Each student involved in PACT is given a highly trained mentor whose sole purpose is to meet the interests, needs, and goals of each student. Mentors are cross-trained in a multitude of topics and skills. A close relationship between the mentor and student is established through frequent meetings, enabling mentors to give the best, most accurate advice to each student.


The PACT program provides students with an extraordinary educational experience by developing an academic and extracurricular plan specific to the student. The plan is a collaboration between mentor and student, specifically regarding the student’s own desires for his or her life. Each plan has benchmarks to make it easy to stay on track toward the defined goals.


Unlike most schools that have many satellites of assistance, a mentor serves as a student’s point person so that everything is easily accessible. Meetings with mentors include discussions on academic progress, self-management, character development, career exploration, mock interviews, internships, and networking. Students in the PACT program grow not only as scholars but also as individuals.


PACT students will be prepared through internship and externship opportunities, relevant workshops and seminars, and networking meetings. Student progress is tracked via an online e-portfolio which is helpful in building a distinguished resume. This personalized e-portfolio sets students apart from their peers when applying to jobs or to graduate schools.