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Safety Precautions


Learn About How You are the Center of Our Reopening Plan

As the college works toward reopening this fall, our number one priority is to protect and support the health, wellness, safety and welfare of our students, faculty, staff and Mercy community.

We will be taking extra measures across all our campuses to make sure everyone will be as safe as possible. Changes will include: face coverings, enhanced sanitation, social distancing, single points of entry, evaluation of HVAC systems and daily self-screenings. 

Our wellness guidelines will be continuously evaluated and updated. To make sure everyone understands guidelines and how best to protect themselves, students, faculty and staff will be required to take a training module before coming to campus.

Please take a look through additional safety guidelines below and continue to check back for additional information. 

Our Safety Procedures

Face Coverings

Students, faculty and staff will be required to wear face coverings while on campus, including face masks and shields as needed. The College will be providing reusable masks, but employees and students will be able to use their own cloth face coverings.



The College will be issuing recommended cleaning protocols for classrooms, staggering classrooms in use and identifying any additional cleaning and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements for specialized classrooms including computer labs, science labs and production studios. 

Facilities is implementing plans to safely restart campus operations in the next few weeks.

More extensive cleaning measures will be in place once students and staff return to campus as well, including increased frequency in sanitizing high touch areas. Hand sanitizer stations will be positioned throughout the campus and cleaning supplies will be available to faculty to make sure everyone is able to access Mercy College safely this fall.

Finally, single points of entry for buildings are being explored to allow for possible screening as well as for monitoring flow and building capacity.

More information on classrooms can be found on our Academics, Technology & Classrooms page. 


Community Spaces

Explore more information on safety measures that will be taken on campus at our Community Spaces page. 

Contact Tracing

If we learn that a member of our community has a confirmed case of coronavirus, we have a trained team of Mercy contact tracers who will contact anyone who we learn was in close contact (ex. the same class) with the affected person. 

We will be working with local and county health authorities to track any confirmed cases. 

Confidentiality will be maintained.


Employee Requirements

Return to campus will be gradual and will occur in phases. Employees will be made aware of individual target dates for return-to-campus via a phased-in process beginning in late July.

Employees will be required to complete a safety training module prior to returning to campus. 

Employees will be expected to complete a self-screening questionnaire app each morning using the Mavericks Safe app. 



To make sure everyone is able to access Mercy College safely this fall, Mercy College’s task force workgroups are creating detailed plans that will provide recommendations for how to reopen our campuses safely while continuing to adhere to recommended social distancing guidelines.

These workgroups will continue to follow state and local safety recommendations and adapt accordingly.