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President Hall’s address to the Mercy College and College of New Rochelle communities, on the new agreement between the two institutions.

About the Agreement

The College of New Rochelle (CNR) and Mercy College announced on March 5, 2019 an agreement between the two institutions creating a seamless pathway for CNR students to continue their education. Both colleges are currently in the process of obtaining all necessary regulatory approvals to fully effectuate this agreement.

See the full March 5, 2019 press release under Announcements


College of New Rochelle Mission

The College of New Rochelle, founded in 1904 by the Ursuline Order, is an independent College which is Catholic in origin and heritage. Its primary purpose is the intellectual development of persons through the maintenance of the highest standards of academic excellence and educational growth.

From this tradition the College derives its dedication to the education of women and men in the liberal arts and in professional studies. Building on its original commitment to women, the College also reaches out to those who have not previously had access to higher education; it places particular emphasis on the concept of lifelong learning.

The College is committed to a respect and concern for each individual. It seeks to challenge students to achieve the full development of their individual talents and a greater understanding of themselves. It encourages the examination of values through the creative and responsible use of reason. The College strives to articulate its academic tradition and religious heritage in ways that are consonant with the best contemporary understandings of both. It provides opportunities for spiritual growth in a context of freedom and ecumenism.

Finally, with justice as its guiding principle, the College tries to respond to the needs of society through its educational programs and service activities and through fostering the concept of education-for-service.

Approved by the Board of Trustees, May 16, 1991. Reaffirmed May 2011.

Mercy College Mission

Mercy College is committed to providing motivated students the opportunity to transform their lives through higher education by offering liberal arts and professional programs in personalized and high quality learning environments, thus preparing students to embark on rewarding careers, to continue learning throughout their lives and to act ethically and responsibly in a changing world.