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The College of New Rochelle (CNR) has a rich 115 year old history with more than 50,000 alumni. As of August 10th, CNR has ceased academic operations and students and alumni are being welcomed into the Mercy College Family. Through this agreement, Mercy is committed to preserving the history and legacy of CNR and has become the repository for all academic records. To ensure continuity, the College has hired Eileen Niedzwiecki SAS’72 to maintain communications, continue class reunions, and plan events for CNR alumni. She looks forward to hearing from all alumni who are interested in staying involved and exploring new ways to nurture connections to each other and honor the memory of The College of New Rochelle.

Message from Eileen Niedzwiecki SAS ’72

Dear Friends,

Mercy College is generously dedicating time, energy and funds to keep the spirit of CNR alive. Mercy’s genuine interest in serving CNR graduates will be expressed in familiar ways such as Alumni College, regional events and professional networking. We’ve also been invited to add our own CNR content to Mercy's alumni print and digital communications, and we’ll be welcomed at Mercy college-wide events. That is just a start. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on how we can engage in meaningful ways as we navigate this new reality and take this opportunity to energetically celebrate our shared history. I want to thank President Hall and all the Mercy College staff and faculty for the gracious invitation to join the Mercy family. With your help, I know that we can proudly carry on the legacy that has been entrusted to us.

Warmest regards,
Eileen Niedzwiecki SAS ’72

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President Hall Welcomes CNR Alumni

Mercy College President Tim Hall welcomes alumni of the College of New Rochelle into the Mercy family, as they forge a path forward together. CNR alum Eileen Niedzwiecki has a special message as well.

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President Hall Welcomes former CNR and Mercy Students to Six Campuses

New Rochelle, Harlem, and Manhattan

Dobbs Ferry, Brooklyn, and Bronx