CNR At Mercy College

What to Expect - Mercy Students

College of New Rochelle students are experiencing a big transition—and you have the chance to help them feel welcome, plus enjoy some new academic options. To ensure a seamless transition for CNR students, we’re adding more academic tracks here at Mercy. That means more programs and classes for you to choose from. Talk to your PACT mentor about the new offerings. Mercy’s agreement with CNR won’t affect you getting the classes you want, or finding a parking space. We’ll all benefit from the talent and drive of the current CNR students who continue their educations here. So let’s prove that Mavericks are awesome neighbors!

What to Expect

Are students being transferred to our campuses?

Mercy intends to lease space at several current CNR locations, where most current CNR students will continue their studies in the Summer and Fall terms, as Mercy students.There won’t be a large influx of new students on our campuses, so you won’t experience crowded parking lots or any other disruptions.Still, you’ll see some fresh faces! We consider it an exciting opportunity to expand our community.

Will it be harder for me to get the classes I want?

We’re creating more of the same classes to accommodate our new Mavericks. You won’t have to compete with them for space. There will even be more academic options for you to choose from.Have you registered yet? Registration is now open!