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  • B.F.A. in Computer Arts + Design

    Graphic Design - Gaming - Animation
    Become a leader in digital technology, which is changing how we look at the world.
    School of Liberal Arts
    Dobbs Ferry & Manhattan

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Personal Information

Computer Arts + Design B.F.A. Curriculum

Computer Arts + Design Courses 78 Credits
General Education Requirements 36 Credits
Open Electives 6 Credits
Total 120 Credits

Computer Arts + Design Program majors must complete:

Major Required Classes

42 credits/14 classes

  • CART 110 Foundation I: Design Principles
  • CART 120 Foundation I: Design & Digital Skill
  • CART 200 Drawing I
  • CART 214 Drawing II
  • CART 215 History of Art I
  • CART 216 History of Art II
  • CART 225 Foundation II: Process, Composition, Color
  • CART 240 Storyboarding
  • CART 245 Sound Design
  • CART 300 Figure Drawing
  • CART 315 Animation History
  • CART 316 Design History
  • CART 495 Senior Studio
  • CART 496 Senior Project

Major Electives

36 credits/12 classes

  • CART 250 Modeling I
  • CART 255 Modeling II
  • CART 260 Broadcast Design I
  • CART 320 2D Animation
  • CART 325 Video
  • CART 330 Painting I
  • CART 335 Visual Storytelling
  • CART 340 Digital Animation I
  • CART 345 Digital Animation II
  • CART 440 Digital Animation III
  • CART 360 Game Design I
  • CART 370 Graphic Design I: Word and Image
  • CART 375 Graphic Design II: Gird and Identity
  • CART 470 Graphic Design III: Complex Content Systems and Personal Voice
  • CART 395 Special Topics Computer Arts
  • CART 399 Internship in Computer Arts
  • CART 425 Animation Techniques
  • CART 219 Web Design I
  • CART 259 Web Design II
  • CART/MEDA 258 Fundamentals of Writing for Film and Television
  • CART/MEDA 262 Introduction to Acting

General Education Requirements

36 credits/12 classes

  • FRSM 101 Freshman Seminar
  • ENGL 111 Written Engl/Lit Studies I
  • ENGL 112 Written Engl & Lit Studies II
  • SPCM 110 Oral Communications
  • MATH 115 Math for Liberal Arts
  • JRSM 301 Junior Seminar
  • 1) Literature and Communication: Literature, Speech, Communication
  • 2) Language and Cultural Perspectives: World Languages
  • 3) Ethical Perspectives: Philosophy, Religion
  • 4) Historical and Global Perspectives: History, Political Science, Geography
  • 5) Scientific Perspectives: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Astronomy
  • 6) Social Perspectives: Sociology, Psychology, Economics

Open Electives

6 credits/2 classes

Open electives may be fulfilled with approved transfer credits from another institution or courses from any other Mercy College program. It is highly recommended that majors take courses in the cognate programs of Media Studies, Music Industry and Technology, and Computer Information Systems.

In order to be admitted into the Computer Arts major, students must submit a portfolio of art work to be reviewed by the Portfolio Review Admission Committee.
Contact the program for information and procedures for the portfolio review. Students who are not prepared to submit a portfolio may enroll in CART 200 with permission of the program head. Work from this course may be used to complete the portfolio review.  
Students will not be allowed to take additional CART courses until the portfolio review has been satisfactorily completed.
Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.5 in all attempted and completed Major courses. If the GPA in the major is less than 2.5, the student will be subject to a formal assessment of his/her aptitude for the subject matter and standing in the program and may be dismissed from the major.
There is a 21-credit residency requirement in the major concentration of Computer Arts and Design.

How To Apply to the Computer Arts + Design B.F.A.

Thank you for your interest in the Computer Arts + Design program at Mercy College. Applicants to the program must pass a portfolio review before taking classes in the major. The portfolio must include at least twenty examples of art or design work. Please note that we no longer require applicants to submit an essay for admission to the program, however, applicants must now submit an essay to Admissions as part of their undergraduate application. For more information from Mercy's Office of Admissions, click here.

The Portfolio

Your portfolio should show your potential for developing your work in the visual arts. Submit a range of work that highlights both your discipline and creativity. Submit at least 20 work samples, with a minimum of 10 examples that demonstrate your ability to draw or paint from direct observation. We want to see that you can render forms accurately and create interesting and unique compositions. Any digital work you submit should incorporate your design, drawing and/or painting skills. If you have completed work in animation and 3D modeling you can submit that work as well, but only submit your best work.

All applicants must:

  1. Submit an application for admission to Mercy College through an Admissions Counselor at any Mercy campus or online. You can arrange an interview with an Admissions Counselor by calling 1 877 MERCY GO.
  2. Apply directly to the Computer Arts + Design program by submitting a portfolio of work. Work will be reviewed by the Portfolio Review Committee. Carefully review the application guidelines before submitting your portfolio and essay. 

    Transfer applicants with course work in art and design completed at another institution should contact to the Program Head for additional information on receiving transfer credit for that course work.

To submit your portfolio online

  1. Upload your portfolio at  See "Required Formats for Portfolio Work" below for file format requirements. We will contact you, either via email or phone, to confirm receipt of your work.

To submit your portfolio in person

  1. Set up an interview with Josh Gaetjen, Program Head, by calling 914 674 3015, or emailing jgaetjen (at) mercy (dot) edu.
  2. Bring your portfolio with you. If you're bringing digital copies of your work, see the Required Formats for Portfolio work below.

Required formats for Portfolio work:

  • Digital, two-dimensional and three-dimensional work: may be submitted in person or uploaded at (2GB limit). Windows or Macintosh formatted, examples should be in JPEG format.
  • Videos / Animations: must be in Quicktime format.
  • All files must be named and numbered LastnameFirstname01.jpeg, LastnameFirstname02.jpg, LastnameFirstname03.jpg, etc.
  • Presentation formats (PowerPoint, Keynote) are not accepted.

Although Mercy College has rolling admissions we recommend that fall applicants to the Computer Arts + Design program submit their portfolios in March or April or, if after that time, as soon as you apply for admission to the College. Applicants for the spring semester should submit their portfolios in December or, if applying after that time, as soon as you apply for admission.

What type of facilities do you have?
The program is housed in four dedicated computer/design labs and two art studios located at the main campus in Dobbs Ferry and at the Manhattan campus. Our labs are outfitted with the latest software and hardware, students routinely borrow digital cameras and audio recording need for independent and class projects and there is considerable open lab time scheduled each day. In addition, our students have access to the Music Industry and Technology programs' state-of-the-art recording studios and other facilities and equipment.
What degrees do you offer?
We offer a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree.
Are department faculty available for academic advising?
Yes, the program head and our full-time faculty work closely with all majors. We are always ready to guide students with questions about what courses to take, the sequencing of courses, and career opportunities, including internships and job placements.
How long does earning a degree take?
Full-time students can complete the 120-credit degree program in four years.
Are internships available for college credit?
Yes. Students in the Computer Arts + Design program can complete up to 9 credits of internship credit.
What is the first step in the admissions process?
Click on "Apply Now" on the Mercy homepage or call 1-800-MERCY NY to apply for admission to Mercy College and arrange for an appointment with an Admissions Counselor. Bring your completed application form and copies of your high school and/or college transcripts with you at the time of your appointment.
Do you have a visiting artists program?
Yes. Visiting Speakers and Lecturers have included: Roy Disney; JJ Sedelmaier, animator; Don Hahn, Disney animation producer; Richard Gorey, Animator; Jayme Wilkinson, Blue Sky Studios stereoscopic supervisor; Tim Dingersen, Click 3X; Linda Feaster, brand strategist, Sasakaya; Drew Coburn, Strategy & Account Director, Cubism Group; Peter Sohn, Pixar animator/story artist; Sande Chen, writer and game designer; Mike Cushny, Blue Sky Studios camera technical director; Moroni Taylor, Blue Sky Studios animator/story artist; Danny Williams, Blue Sky Studios animator; Chris Siemasko, Blue Sky Studios story artist; Trish Logar, Animator/Illustrator, Whiteboard Animation; Kamil Durzynski, Game Artist; Mike Gondek, Creative Director, Pyramid America; Max Porter, Animator; John R. Dilworth, Animator, creator of Courage the Cowardly Dog; Loren Bouchard, animation producer; Eric Zimmerman, game designer/producer; Rocco Piscatello, graphic designer; Karen White, graphic designer; David Schwartz, Director, Museum of the Moving Image.
Is Mercy College a nonsectarian institution?
Yes. Qualified applicants are admitted without regard to race, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age or physical disability.
Are courses available in the evenings and week-ends?
The majority of program classes are offered during the daytime hours.
Can I begin taking major courses immediately?
Yes, first-time freshmen complete 3 or 4 courses in the major in their first semester. All students take at least 3 major classes each semester.
How can I get more information?
To schedule a tour, get information on application requirements and initiate the application process, contact the program head, Josh Gaetjen at (914) 674-3051 or Visit our How to Apply page for additional information on submitting your portfolio.
What companies employ your alumni?
Computer Arts + Design graduates have worked for: Disney/ABC Television Group, WayForward Technologies, Stanley Black and Decker, JWT, Armstrong Partnership, Ideas on Purpose, EF Education First, Nautica, Rockstar Games, Whiteboard Animation, Powerhead Games, Pyramid America, N-Fusion Interactive, Fox Business Network, Prestige Brands, Inc, Federated Media. Fusion TV, 8 Point Studio, Softtek, WorldNow, Zwilling/J.A. Henckels, World Wrestling Entertainment, Little Airplane Productions, Aquent, VHB, Consumer Eyes, DHS Systems, SCHAWK! OnBrand Group at MasterCard Worldwide, General Electric, New Media Technology team, FAI Design Group, Incentient, Classic Medallics, Chad Lavigne and LLC.
How many credits can be transferred from another institution?
Up to 75 credits from a two-year institution. Up to 90 from a four-year institution. Up to 90 credits combined however the credits may not exceed 75 credits from any combination of two-year institutions as they apply to your chosen degree. In addition you may only transfer in two courses of upper-level business credit (six credits) to apply to the major / specialization.
Where have students interned?
Computer Arts + Design students have interned for: Blue Sky Studios, Luckeyou, Atlantic Records, Ideas on Purpose, Mechanism Digital, Diesel USA, Blackmaled Productions, Harpers Bazaar, JJ Sedelmaier Productions, Momentum Advertising and Design, Jacob Burns Film Center, Gaia Industries, Black Hammer Games, NBC News, The Cartoon Bank, New Yorker Magazine, Redbook, Tiny Mantis and PM Sports.
Philip White Manager of Technology and Facilities
Jen Roos Assistant Professor, Computer Arts and Design
Josh Gaetjen Assistant Professor, Computer Arts and Design
Ralph Sullender Assistant Professor, Computer Arts and Design

Computer Arts + Design Overview

Digital technology pervades our culture, empowering individuals to transform the way we look at the world. The Computer Arts + Design program, offered at the main campus in Dobbs Ferry and on the Manhattan campus, investigates the creative capacity of digital technology to improve communication, develop creative self-expression, and explore perception and interaction among people, objects and ideas. The Bachelor of Fine Arts program is designed to prepare students for careers in animation/gaming and communication design.

Computer Arts + Design FAQS

How long does earning a degree take?
Full-time students can complete the 120-credit degree program in four years.
How can I get more information?
To schedule a tour, get information on application requirements and initiate the application process, contact the program head, Josh Gaetjen at (914) 674-3051 or Visit our How to Apply page for additional information on submitting your portfolio.
Computer Arts + Design

Computer Arts + Design at Mercy College investigates the creative capacity of digital technology to improve communication, develop creative self-expression, and explore perception and interaction among people, objects, and ideas. Our program offers a comprehensive four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree supported by the highest quality resources and facilities; it prepares students for careers in animation/gaming and communication design.

Being a CART Student

Learn from a student's prospective about what makes Mercy College's CART program so special.


Computer Arts + Design is located at two Mercy campuses. The Roy Disney Studio for Animation Studies is located at our Manhattan campus, and The Center for Digital Arts is at Mercy's main campus in Dobbs Ferry, NY.

Digital Studios
Each location has both digital lab studios & traditional drawing studios. Each digital studio consists of 12-17 dedicated computer stations. Our digital studios boast “Cintiq Interactive Pen Displays”– technology that allows the artist to draw directly on the computer monitor. Digital Studios are either Macintosh or Windows platform, and offer two- and three-dimensional animation, digital video, color printing, scanning, and DVD/CD-R authoring capabilities. Digital photography and video camerasare available for student use. Software is updated yearly. Each digital studio has dedicated video projection and audio equipment for classroom demonstrations and critiques.

Primary Software
Our facilities have more software than you will ever need! Our primary software packages include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Flash, Dreamweaver and Premiere; Apple Final Cut and iLife suite; DigiDesign ProTools; and Maya, Zbrush and Nuke.

What career paths will graduates be able to pursue?
Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Interface Design, Information Design, Multimedia Design, Web Design, Digital Media Design, Package Design, Design for Film & Television (Motion Graphics), Computer Graphics, Digital Photography, Digital Imaging, Digital and Classical Two- and Three-dimensional Animation, CGI Modeling, Character Animation, Special Effects (SFX), Storyboarding & Scripting, Prototyping & Playtesting for Gaming, Level Design, Digital Painting, Rotoscoping, Filming with Digital Video, Post Production & Editing, Art Direction, Creative Direction.