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DegreeWorks - Students

DegreeWorks - Students

How To Log in
  1. Go to and click Mercy Connect at the top of the pageScreenshot of the homepage highlighting the Mercy Connect link
  2. Use your username and pin to log in. You can also get to Mercy Connect from https://connect.mercy.eduScreenshot of the Mercy Connect login form
  3. Click on DegreeWorks under Student ApplicationsScreenshot of the Mercy Connect homepage highlighting the Degree Works link
How to read your Audit

The audit displays students’ progress towards degree completion with General Education Requirements, Major/Minor Requirements, GPA Information, elective courses, as well as Not Applicable Classes.

  1. Student Information:
    Screenshot of Mercy College Degree Audit table
  2. General Education Requirements:
    Screenshot of General Education table.
  3. Major Requirements:
    Screenshot of Major Requirements table.
  4. Free Electives (please note, not all majors have Free Electives space):
    Screenshot of Free Electives table.
  5. Not Applicable to this Major:
    Screenshot of Not Applicable table.
  6. Prerequisites:
    If you click on one of the courses listed on an unfulfilled requirement, you can see if there is a prerequisite requirement. A prerequisite requirement informs the student of a class or classes that need to be taken prior or concurrently to that specific course. These courses will be indicated with an asterisk (*).
    Screenshot of Prerequisite listing.
    Screenshot of Prerequisite options.
  7. Legend:
    Screenshot of Legend table.
How to use Plans

Students can use a template to track and plan their degree completion. The template will have the required courses, which can be altered based on each student’s progress. Keep in mind some classes may have prerequisites. To stay on track to graduate on time in 4 years, plan to take 30 credits a year.

  1. Log into Degree Works and click on “Plans” on the upper right hand side of the degree audit 
    Screenshot showing Plans tab
  2. You may have a plan populated for you, it will show under the description. Make sure the name of you plan matches your major on the top.
    Screenshot highlighting Plan name
    If you do not have a plan populated, or the major is incorrect, select “New Plan”
    Screenshot highlighting New Plan button
  3. Once Create Plan opens up click on “Select Template”.
    Screenshot of create plan dialogue box
  4. Search for your major and press go. The templates will pop up related to that major. Be sure to click the catalog year you are in that is related to that major. The catalog year will be the year you started Mercy College.
    Screenshot of template browsing table
    If you do not see your catalog year, you will need to select “Blank Plan”
    Screenshot of create plan dialogue box highlighting blank plan option
  5. The blank plan will appear, and you will need to enter the description which is the title. After click the plus sign on the right hand side to add a term. Add as many terms as you need to plan out your remaining credits.
    Screenshot of student planner form
  6. Once you add a term click the plus sign to the right of that term to add a requirement. The drop down box will appear and you have options to choose. If you want to put in a choice requirement, this will be for a class you have options for (i.e. Arts Requirement – ARTT 107, MEDA 145, MUSI 107). If you want to put in a course requirement, this will be for a specific course you need to take towards your major.
    Screenshot highlighting add requirement dropdown
  7. Once your plan is all mapped out it will look similar to the picture below. Be sure to work with your mentor to customize your plan and let them know of any changes you make!
    Screenshot showing full planner list
How to use What If

Students can use this tab if they are thinking of changing their majors, minors, and/or concentrations and would like to know where they stand in the new program.

  1. Click “What If” on the right hand side of the degree audit 
    Screenshot highlighting what if link
  2. Based on what major you are looking into, change the Degree, Catalog Year (this should match the year you started at Mercy), and major you are looking into. When you choose the major, it will populate in the “Chosen Areas of study” box. Once it is there, press “Process What-If”.
    Screenshot highlighting process link and options
  3. Your new degree audit will populate with the “what if” major you selected. It will show where your current classes will fall and what new requirements are needed for that specific major. 
How to save your Audit as a PDF
  1. Select Save as PDF at the top of the audit
    Screenshot highlighting Save as PDF option
  2. The audit will show as a PDF in a pop-up window. Click the arrow on the upper right hand side and select Download from the
    Screenshot highlighting download link
  3. Click OK to save the document as a PDF
    Screenshot highlighting location of OK button
How to use the GPA Calculators

Students can calculate their minimum grades needed to reach a target cumulative GPA. There are three different GPA Calculators: Graduation, Term, and Advice. 
* Find the GPA Calculators on the right hand side
Screenshot showing degree audit tab location

  1. Graduation Calculator - shows how to reach a desired GPA by graduation. Fill out the credits remaining, credits required, and the desired GPA and press calculate. Once you calculate it, a note will pop up with what GPA you need to average for the remaining credits in order to reach the desired GPA.
    Screenshot highlighting location of Calculate button
  2. Term Calculator - provides a hypothetical GPA for the term based on what grades you expect to receive from each class. For each class you are enrolled in for the term, choose an expected grade to receive and press calculate. It will then populate your GPA based on those expected grades at the end of the term.
    Screenshot highlighting location of Calculate button and grade options
  3. Advice Calculator - tells over the remaining credits you have, what GPA you need to maintain in order to reach your desired final GPA. Enter how many credits you have earned so far and what your desired final GPA is and press calculate. It will then populate the grades needed in order to reach the desired GPA.
    Screenshot highlighting location of Calculate button and GPA options