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Satisfaction of Program Completers

2017-2018 Graduate Exit Survey
How well has the School of Education prepared you in the following areas?
Number of respondents = 15 of 416, a response rate of 3.61%

CF Goals School-Level Student Learning Goals as Defined by the Conceptual Framework of the Education Unit Average Score (5:"Very Well" to 1: "Not at All")
Goal 1: Content Knowledge Candidates demonstrate a solid content knowledge base that enables them to deliver effective educational and professional services based on current research, theory and practice. 4.1
Goal 2: Pedagogical and Professional Knowledge Candidates employ multiple pedagogical and professional strategies and tools to enable them to be effective practitioners in educational settings and deliver services to promote students' intellectual, social, and emotional development. 3.9
Goal 3: Diversity Candidates understand the diverse cultural, linguistic, learning and social strengths and needs of all populations and incorporate and demonstrate sensitivity to the richness of diverse cultures when providing educational and other school-services. 4.6
Goal 4: Technology Candidates employ technology to deliver information, instruction and professional services to all members of the school community. 4.2
Goal 5: Reflection Candidates reflect on professional practice to make educational decisions and enhance student learning. 4.0
Goal 6: Dispositions Candidates demonstrate positive dispositions that enable them to work as effective educators, citizens and practitioners within the school and broader community.  4.3


Satisfaction of Program Completers (N=16): Findings from Students Enrolled During the 2018-19 Academic Year in Advanced Degree or Certificate Programs who Earned a Degree in One of Our Initial Programs Previously

Please rate the program you took previously at Mercy College on how well we prepared you in the following areas:

CF Goals Characteristic of an Effective Educator Mean Rating
3: Clearly in Evidence
2: Evidence not Sufficiently Clear
1: Not Observed
Goal 1: Content Knowledge We enabled you to deliver effective educational and professional services, based on up to date knowledge about educational theory and practice.  2.88
Goal 2: Pedagogical and Professional Knowledge We enabled you to employ multiple strategies and tools, be effective practitioners and promoting student social, intellectual and emotional development.  2.94
Goal 3: Diversity We prepared you to understand the diversity in cultural, linguistic and academic backgrounds and enabled you to incorporate sensitivity thereto in your daily practice.  3.00
Goal 4: Technology We prepared you to effectively employ technology in your instruction and professional services.  2.75
Goal 5: Reflection The graduates reflect on their practice.  3.00
Goal 6: Dispositions The graduates demonstrate positive professional dispositions, including fairness and the belief that all children can learn.  3.00