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The mission of the Center for STEM Education (CSE) is to create opportunities for groups typically underrepresented in STEM to engage in enrichment activities for learning, career readiness, enjoyment, and personal and community growth, which may not be available through school districts. This Center is the only such academic center in our Westchester and Rockland region and hosts events, organizes activities, and conducts research related to STEM education. The CSE is an umbrella for varied, current and future STEM education activities conducted by faculty and supported through external funding. In an increasingly technology-oriented society, the importance of STEM education is paramount. Social data over the past 30 years suggests that, as compared with children of the 1970s, the future success of today’s youth largely hinges on their parents’ socio-economic status and educational experience (Harvard Saguaro Seminar, 2012). Science education can also be seen as part of being an educated citizen and thus an issue of access to knowledge, as a means of giving individuals—hence their families and communities—tools to solve problems on their own (Tate, 2001). If students do not have an opportunity to develop a strong foundation in STEM knowledge, they will not be prepared to make civic and social decisions that affect their families and communities. Students’ lack of preparation for applying knowledge of science in new situations and to their lives is more than just a problem of classroom instruction: it is also a challenge tied to race, English language proficiency, and socioeconomic status. Our poorest children often attend schools with the least resources, yielding disparities in academic quality among the haves and have-nots (Tate 2001, 1016). Through the Center for STEM Education, Mercy is situated to address these challenges and meet STEM education needs of underserved groups through research-based work with our own students and community outreach that includes local schools. Center activities include family STEM nights, Saturday STEM Academies, professional development for K-12 teachers, and summer camps.

Nita Lowey and Meghan Marrero
Nita Lowey and Dr. Meghan Marrero

United States Congresswoman Nita Lowey came to Mercy College to discuss the importance of climate change and mark the anniversary of the landmark Paris Climate Agreement. At the roundtable discussion and press conference, Lowey called on President-elect Donald Trump to uphold the pact that is the world’s first comprehensive climate agreement and was signed by 194 countries.

In addition to Lowey, speakers included Meghan Marrero (Mercy College Associate Professor of Secondary Education),  Lee Seham (Hudson Valley Sierra Club)  and other local environmental leaders and members of the College community.  Dr. Marrero talked about the role of science educators to make sure that students and the community are exposed to real scientific data to support climate change reality.

Lowey is Ranking Member on the House Appropriations Committee, and led the fight to secure $2.073 billion in fiscal-year 2016 for programs that invest in alternative energy sources like wind and solar and decrease America’s dependence on fossil fuels.