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Wipro Science Leadership Mini-Grants

Growing an Elementary School Garden Spring 2018

Carmen King, Wipro Cohort 1, collaborated on an outdoor education initiative with 2nd grade teachers at White Plains, to build raised garden beds.  This mini-grant continues the initiative by providing equipment so that 2nd graders can plant the seeds indoors then transfer and tend the plants outside.  5th graders will monitor and track hours of sunlight and shade in the garden, test the ph of the soil, and use the information gathered to select the seeds/plants they will grow next year.


Kindles in Kindergarten! Spring 2019

Cortney Kuperman of the East Ramapo Central School District, Wipro Cohort 2, used the Kindles provided by the mini-grant to explore the engineering of buildings around them.  The kindergarteners sketched plans to build similar structures uisng different materials that they observed in photos on the internet, and finally built the structures with materials available in the classroom.  Kindles will be part of future science lessons to observe a tree over the course of a school year, observing sun and shade effects, and recordng observations on the tablet.

Hands-on-Science June 2019

Wipro Cohort 2 Fellow Aimee Ferguson brought an in-class field trip to all third graders at Jefferson School in New Rochelle.  Hands-on-Science did a program on Earth structure, continental drift, volcanoes, and basic geology AND Bugs and Bones which impacted over 100 individuals, adults and children.  This idea was in response to elementary teachers asking how to plan for science in their classrooms.


The Equity Project - STEM fair lab Spring 2017

Chuck Sincerbeaux and Nena Restropo Gil, Wipro Cohort 1 and 2 from White Plains School District, provided two after school workshops to help students (chosen by certain criteria) identify projects for the annual school STEM fair and provide a format and pacing calendar for the process.  Materials, bought by the mini-grant, were provided and students would have help analyzing their data and preparing their findings for the final presentation at the fair.

Full STEAM Ahead with Nature Summer 2019

Diane Delgado and Ann Marie Manganiello, Wipro Cohort 3, enhanced their GPS project with an "outdoor classroom component" using the surrounding areas of Trinity School in New Rochelle. Long Island Sound is within walking distance and the school field backs up to a swamp where they can observe bird nests for osprey and others animals. The mini-grant provided supplies for outdoor science observation, nature journals and books to complement the literacy goals.