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Makey Makey! Invention Workshop using a Microcomputer (Grades 4-5). SPRING 2020

We all know that great ideas can change the world so let’s start inventing! Students will connect the microcomputer Makey Makey to the internet and use common objects to create circuits and music. Students will learn basic Scratch coding and electronic technology essential for future innovators. Are you up for the challenge?

Instructor: Chuck Sincerbeaux

Everyday STEM Hero: Health Basics in the Nursing Lab (Grades 8-9) SPRING 2020

This program will introduce students to nursing and health careers. Students will learn: basic emergency skills including CPR; basic first-aid, such as how to splint; listening for lung and heart sounds on anatomy dummies; and anatomy and healthy living topics. All classes will include hands-on experiences in the Mercy College simulation lab and nursing skills lab.

Instructor:  Mercy College Nursing Professor Patricia Sutton

Calling Future Engineers: Elementary Engineering Challenge (Grades 1-2) FALL 2019

1st and 2nd graders will use their creativity and STEAM skills in building challenges. Children will have fun planning, testing and competing with team designs for airplanes, boats and bridges.

Instructor:  Aimee Ferguson

Inspired by the beloved picture book Dragons Love Tacos by Adam Rubin, students will conduct food science investigations, explore chemical reactions and engage in the design and engineering of proper structures for some taco-loving dragon friends.

Instructor: Marcia Manzueta

Design, build and program robots with Lego Mindstorms EV3! Using motors and gears as well as light, touch and color sensors, your team will design a bot that moves, senses and gives feedback. By the end of the sessions, you will be the coder and builder programming, trouble-shooting and controlling your own robotic creation!

Instructor:  Charles Sincerbeaux

Hands-on approach to creating 3D models, and artistic renderings of various topics in Biology. Students will receive interactive notes and collaborate within groups to create artistic renderings as well as 3-D and 2-D models with a variety of materials.  Observe biological principles at work!

Instructor:  Cenia Santana

For four weeks, students will be on-duty neuroscientists!  Their subjects will be live chick embryos.  They will monitor the brain development of the embryos in Mercy's research-grade college laboratory.  Through hands-on exploration and collaboration, students will learn the intricate relationships within the nervous system and make comparisons to other animals.

Instructor:  Dr. Renee Haskew-Layton

Holding up Traffic: Bridges! (Grades 6-9) FALL 2018

Use hands-on engineering activities to explore the building of bridges, with special focus on the new Tappan Zee Bridge. Topics covered will be tension, compression, moment of inertia and how

beams and columns work in concert to support modern structures. English/Spanish spoken.

Instructor:  Duane Stilwell

The Physics of Music and Sound (Grades 9-12) FALL 2018

Discover the role that science plays in audio recording, signal processing, audio mixing and live sound. Class taught in Mercy College commercial-grade sound studios.

Instructor: Assistant Professor Justin Kessler


The Nature of Things: Animals and their Habitats (Grades 1-3). SPRING 2020

Learn about earth ecosystems, animal classifications, animal behaviors/adaptations, and discuss the future of animal life on other planets. Each week live animal encounters will illustrate the science concept.

Instructor: Mercy College Adjunct Faculty Deborah Mumford

Programming with Basic Electronics (Grades 6-7) SPRING 2020

Using a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, students will code with Scratch and Python to create electronics projects include using a breadboard, lights, and motors. Students will learn the basics together and then move on to work on projects of their own choice.  

Instructor:  Patricia McCue

Digital Design and 3D Printing (Grades 10-12) SPRING 2020

Students will learn industry-standard software Autodesk Maya and Pixologic Zbrush for 3D modeling. We will discuss the proper way to optimize our work for 3D printing. Designs created will be printed out on the Mercy College Maker Space 3D printers.

Instructor: Mercy College Adjunct Joseph Thomas

Fun and Games with Math! (Grades 3-4) FALL 2019

Learn about probability, integers, multiplication and division through bingo, jeopardy, tangrams and card games. Get ready to be a mathematics champion!

Instructor:  Lorine Crawford

Join Westchester Children’s Museum’s resident scientist for a series of hands-on science, technology, engineering, and math activities that involve STEM principles in a fun and informative manner. Explore solar energy, extract DNA from strawberries, create art using gas chromatography and much more!

Instructor:  Harmon McAllister

Discover the basics of robotics and coding using Finch robots and Python software.  This course culminates in a robotic performance task of the student's own design!

Instructor: Patricia McCue

Every year in the classroom, a nasty "bug" invades at least once - and it cannot be squashed!! Your help is needed so we can keep those nasty "bugs" (or microbes) away. Which ones are in our building? How did they get in here? How can we prevent them from entering at all? Let's be science sleuths and find a solution!

Instructor: Carmen King

Playing Games: Intro to Coding (Grades 1-3) FALL 2018

Love video games?  Hands-on activities will help students learn and use sequencing, loops and events, to understand the fundamentals of programming and create interactive games to play and share.  

Instructor: Chuck Sincerbeaux