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NSF Master Teacher Fellows in STEM Cohort 1

6:15pm Regeneron Speaker: Lisa Purcell, PhD

Lisa Purcell joined Regeneron in 2008 and is a Senior Staff Scientist in Infectious Disease and Scientific Director for Secondary Education Programs.. She received her PhD from McGill University and completed her Postdoctoral Training at Columbia University. Dr. Purcell, along with her team, develops therapies for pathogens using Regeneron’s novel technologies to translate ‘science to medicine.’ Dr. Purcell is actively involved in Regeneron science education efforts including Regeneron Science Talent Search, high school research mentorship program, Westchester Science and Engineering Fair and STEM Teaching Fellowship. She develops the science curriculum for the High School Research Mentorship and STEM Teacher Fellowship and has mentored many students from all of Regeneron’s science education programs.

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Conference Sessions

Truss Structures in our Everyday World

So Much Potential Energy: a Paper Rollercoaster STEAM Project

Globalized Education: How do United Nations Sustainable Development Goals apply to STEM topics?

Assessment and Math for Diverse LearnersHow to prepare a manuscript for submission to NSTA journals

Peer-to-Peer Learning


Sponsored by Regeneron

Special Thanks  to Potoula Gjidja, Director of Corporate Citizenship and Dr. Lisa Purcell, Guest Speaker


POSTER SESSION! Above: CSE Education Research Associate Latanya Brandon

Dr. Scott Misner of New Rochelle Schools with poster on his Middle School Marine Biology Club

Mercy College Computer Science Professor Sisi Li with her poster on Girls' Coding in the Community

Dr. Meghan Marrero with the next generation of Mercy College STEM Teachers!




Johanna Vasquez (STEM Master Teacher Fellow), Diane Delgado (Wipro Fellow), Ann Marie Manganiello (Wipro Fellow), Terri Agravat (STEM Master Teacher Fellow), Michael Hildebrand (Principal Trinity School) -  City School District of New Rochelle!!

Welcoming Teachers from Yonkers Public School 30

Wipro Fellow Daniel Peppe with keynote speaker Dijanna Figueroa

Ray Ferrera, Laurel Cardelicchio and Jamie Rooney (all of Croton Harmon School District), with Elise Levine of Mercy's MISTI program

Schedule of Research Presentations and Workshops for Classroom STEM Applications

Session 1: 4:15 – 5:00PM

Greening up your Lab: Using Green Chemistry in the Classroom by Beyond Benign (45-minute workshop) - High School

Integrating Sustainability into YPS Science Curriculum and Instruction by Children's Environmental Literacy Foundation and Yonkers Public Schools  (20-minute workshop) - Middle School

Learn how to prepare a manuscript for submission to NSTA Journals by Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn (20-minute workshop) - All grades

Truss Structures in our Everyday World  by Westchester Children's Museum (45-minute workshop) - Upper Elementary

Session 2:  5:10 – 5:55PM

What is Globalized Education? What are Some Strategies to Globalize STEM Lessons? by Laurel Cardellichio  (45-minute workshop) - High School

Peer-to-Peer Learning  by Leana Peltier (20-minute workshop) - High School

So much Potential Energy! - A Paper Rollercoaster STEAM project  by Daniel Lipin - Upper Elementary

Assessment and Math for Diverse Learners by Roseanne Vallice Levy and Dr. William Farber - pre-service and in-service

6:30pm Keynote Speaker: Dr. Dijanna Figueroa

Curiosity to Careers: A pathway to diversity, inclusion, and equity in STEM fields.

Marine Biologist, Educator, and Social Justice Warrior, Dr. Dijanna Figueroa shared the journey from her seven-year-old self enamored of the sea (see her mother's painting of her in photo), to becoming one of a few black deep-sea marine biologists in the world and her work toward creating a diverse, inclusive and equitable pathway to STEM fields.

Dr. Dijanna Figueroa has made a career of exploring the mysteries of the deep. She was featured in James Cameron’s documentary Aliens of the Deep, which follows Cameron and NASA scientists as they explore the some of the deepest parts of the ocean and learn about the unique life forms that inhabit those spaces. Recently, Figueroa has become an advocate for STEAM education—adding art and design to the science, technology, engineering, and math equation. She’s spent more than two decades teaching STEAM to grades K–8 in the greater Los Angeles area, and formerly served as global director of the Muse School National Geographic Society’s Green STEAM program. She was recently featured as one of five amazing women in STEM on MTV’s Women Crush Wednesdays Women in STEM series. She currently teaches middle school science at St. Matthew's Parish School and runs programs that teach students how to fly drones, scuba dive and build underwater robots. She serves as the Education Director and Playful Learning Ringmaster at the Two Bit Circus Foundation.  If that isn’t enough, Figueroa is the director of the Lucas Scholars STEM program, a community based social justice and equity program designed to engage young people in science, engineering, design, and art. She loves the ocean and is committed to making ocean science accessible to all people


Interview with Dijanna Figueroa
June 6, 2019

Download the interview which covers the issues of science and diversity in STEM from her keynote speech.

Exhibitor Hall of Local STEM Providers

Audubon Greenwich,

Beyond Benign: Green Chemistry Education,


Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation,

Groundwork Hudson Valley,

Hudson River Museum,

IFLY Indoor Skydiving,

Mercy College, Office of Graduate Admissions

NASA Solar System Ambassadors,

NYU Tandon School of Engineering,

Retirement Architecture, Inc.,

Sarah Lawrence College Center for the Urban River at Beczak,

STANYS: Science Teachers Association of New York State,

We Future Cycle, Inc.,

Westchester Children’s Museum,