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Technology in the Classroom Guest Speaker

In February 2017, Vincent Dougherty (Chemistry Teacher at White Plains HS and Wipro Fellow) spoke to MISTI Cohort 1 Student Teachers about the various uses of technology in their classrooms.

Northeast Regional Conference of ASTE, October 13-14, 2016, Regeneron/Teachers College

Katherine Hohman, "Engaging in Argument based on Evidence" (Poster)

Karla Purcell, "Changes in Mindset" (Poster)

Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn, "The K-5 Convention: STR2EAMing into LEARNing" (presentation)

Alexandra Danz, "A Breath of Fresh Air:  A Refreshing Initiative for Outdoor Learning in the Science Curriculum" (presentation)

Duane Stilwell, "Informal Science Education via public-private partnerships:  How can we support students in underrepresented communities?"  (roundtable presentation)

Wipro SEF Fellows Diane Delgado and Ann Marie Manganiello present on their STEAM program to New Rochelle School Board January 29, 2019

Our Mercy College Wipro SEF Fellows do us proud. Ms. Delgado and Ms. Manganiello’s students proclaimed that they are scientists—loud and proud! They engaged The City School District of New Rochelle BOE members in STEM activities and shared the important dispositions of STEAM learners, including persistence, creativity, and reflection.

STANYS 123rd Conference, Rochester, NY, November 3-4, 2018

Duane Stilwell, "Tools and Resources to meet the Needs of English Language Learners in the Science Classroom"

Karla Purcell, Marcia Manzueta, Amanda Gunning, Meghan Marrero, "Family Learning Opportunities and Research in Engineering and Science (FLORES)

She discusses the success of the Streaming for Learning Convention at Columbus Elementary School in New Rochelle.

Wipro Fellow Aimee Ferguson hosts STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) KIT PARTY with fellow 3rd grade teachers at Jefferson School, New Rochelle (Dec 2017)

What a fabulous day it was. Third Grade teachers were able to take part in STEAM activities and celebrate Science. We had a wonderful time exploring various materials, reminiscing on great Science memories, asking questions, and planning for the future. Of course, everyone went home with a goodie bag and kits to continue their work. What a hit it was.

Science Can Be Meaningful to All. We just have to be Open, Collaborate, and Have Fun! My WIPRO GPS project is truly continuing...

ASTE-NE Conference, Burlington, VT, October 12-13, 2017

Wipro Fellow Leana Peltier on Melosira Research Vessel, Lake Champlain

International Week, University College of Teacher Education, Melk, Austria, May 2017

Dr. Meghan Marrero presented on Ocean Literacy and the use of authentic scientific data, and Peter Hillman presented on the Wipro Science Education Fellowship.

National Science Teachers Association National Conference, Los Angeles, March/April 2017

Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn receives 2016 Anton Banko Award

Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn, the science coordinator for Columbus Elementary School, has been selected to receive the 2016 Anton Banko Award for excellence in elementary school science teaching. The award is given by the Science Teachers' Association of New York State and will be presented at a ceremony in Rochester in the fall. It includes a $1500 grant for classroom use. Zahn, who has been with the New Rochelle school district for 24 years, gave credit for the award to the amazing professional development she's had over the years. She has worked during the summer in science labs at Columbia University, participated in programs that took her to classrooms in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan, and took part in a leadership program at Mercy College (WIPRO). "As an educational practitioner, I am continually improving my practice through experiences, challenges and collaboration with others," Zahn said. "Teaching children to think critically and creatively is at the heart of all learning. To do this, we must also be willing to take risks and extend our own learning to beyond the classroom walls."

Alexandra Danz and Duane Stilwell present at International Week Education Conference, Austria May 2018

National Conference, Baltimore, MD Jan 3-6, 2018

Amanda Gunning and Meghan Marrero, Unpacking Pre-Service Teachers' Development of PCK for Using Robotics

National Conference, Des Moines, Iowa, January 12-14, 2017

Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn, Peter Hillman and Dr. Amanda Gunning 

Duane Stilwell at Mercy's Saturday STEM Academy

Duane teaching "Bridge Engineering and the Built Environment" in English and Spanish at the Mercy College Center for STEM Education in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017

Chuck Sincerbeaux at NSTA Conference, Nashville, March 2016

Chuck, with Fellow Duane Stilwell, presented on behalf of Wipro at the National Science Teacher Association Conference in Nashville.  Their talk was entitled:  "Teach Your Students to Consciously Replace Misconceptions with Sound Scientific Knowledge (Grades 2-College)" 

Mercy College WAEYC Conference October 2016

Leana Peltier, with Chris Adamo, ran a workshop entitled "What's in a Box? STEM in the Science Classroom: Fostering Child-Led Discovery" at the 52nd Annual October Early Childhood Conference Co-Sponsored by Mercy College Dept. of Early Childhood Education and the Westchester Association for the Education of Young Children

Wipro Fellows present at the National Science Teachers Association National Conference, March 30-April 2, 2017

Susan Levin and Nena Restrepo Gil (White Plains School District)

Can you Explain? / Puedes Explicar?

Leana Pelter (Public Schools of the Tarrytowns)

Fun with Bubbles, Inquiry in the Elementary Science Classroom: Fostering Child-Led Discovery

The Power of Productive Peer to Peer Interactions

Inquiry Learning in Elementary Science Classrooms: A High School-Elementary Collaboration

Karla Purcell (Port Chester School District)

Family Learning Opportunities and Research in Engineering and Science (FLORES) Education

Jenna Garguilo and Katherine Hohman (Port Chester School District

Professional Learning Communities for Supporting NGSS Implementation

Katherine Hohman (Port Chester School District)

How to Engage Middle School Students in Evidence-Based Argumentation

Duane Stilwell (Nyack Public Schools), Charles Sincerbeaux (White Plains School District), and David Erenberg (Public Schools of the Tarrytowns)

Learn Math and Science through the Built Environment

Elizabeth Barrett-Zahn (City School District of New Rochelle)

Infusing Reading Strategies in the Science Classroom 

Energy and Matter...Start with Student Thinking!

Jannethe Pardo (East Ramapo Central School District)

Overview of Approaches That Help ENLs, Bilinguals, and All Students in General

Charles Sincerbeaux and Carmen King (White Plains School District)

Digital Science Notebooking: imovie and apps Smashing Meet Science and Engineering