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Endowed Scholarships - Founders and Lead Donors

Kenneth L. and Anita Adams

Stephen and Madeline M. Anbinder

Walter ’72, HD ’89 and Loretta Anderson

Salvatore S. HD ’84 and Rose Argento

Karen R. Aune ’65

Nicholas J. Bell ’06

Mary P. (Gallucci) ’65 and Marshall P. Blas

Theresa (Monaco) Bologna ’65

Mary J. (Habermann) ’66 and David P. Bray

Christina L. (Cribbs) Broccoli ’98

Emily L. and Richard G. Buckingham

Buckingham Family Fund

Irene Buckley

Rosemary A. Burns ’66

Louis and Marie Buther

Alice E. (McAuliffe) Callahan ’65

Catherine M. (Graf) Celtruda ’67 and
    Joseph Celtruda

The Charlotte Newcombe Foundation

Johanna (Coleman) ’66 and Richard Cushing

Marion (King) ’65 and Dennis Dale

Bernadette (Treat) ’65 and Joseph T. DeAngelis

Carol A. Del Giudice ’67

Carole (Kent) and Michael Denove ’67

Edward B., HD ’06 and Giovannella Dunn

Dunn Family Foundation

Clare Finnigan-Ellinger ’67 and James Ellinger

Judith M. (Syso) Elliott ’66

Estate of Edward Franz

Eugene H. & Roslyn P. Gans Foundation

Elizabeth A. (Vousden) Farrar ’66

Dr. Louise H. and Russell Feroe

Mary (Cunningham) ’67 and Edward Flaherty

Catherine A. Folis ’74

Kathleen C. (Porter) ’65 and Everett Fuller

Maryann (DeCesare) Gangi ’68

Dr. Eugene H. and Roslyn P. Gans

Joseph Gantz, Paula Blumenfeld and
    Sarita Dizik Gantz

Dolores (Burckardt) ’69 and Walter Gartner

Dr. Elissa A. Greenwald

Dr. Fay T. and Dennis H. Greenwald, Esq.

Dr. Ann E. Grow

Jeanne (McCormick) ’66 and Arthur C. Grubert

Linda R. ’73 and Leonard Guglielmo

Bruce J. and Michele I. Haber

Timothy L. Hall, Esq. and Lee Nicholson Hall

Anna L. (Lawless) Halligan ’69

Drs. Mary E. Brown-Hartnett ’68 and 

    Thomas P. Hartnett

Eileen M. (Santucci) Hawe ’65

Barbara F. (Flasch) ’69 and
    Gordon O. Hendrickson

Catherine A. Hession ’68

Patricia J. (Madden) ’65 and Francis Hollywood 

Hutchinson Metro Center

J. Wagner Media, Inc.

The Joel A. Halpern Memorial Fund, Inc.

Mary Anne (Mulheren) ’65 and Neil D. Judge

Dr. Diana D’Amico Juettner

Carole L. Kakos ’65

Sue D. Keenan ’67

Janice M. (Curran) ’65 and Robert Kelly

Alison D. Kelly ’67

Joyce (Staudenbaur) Kelly ’67

Mrs. Carole J. (Valezano) Kiachif ’66

Elizabeth A. King ’96

Brenda (Manning) Klumpp ’67

Karen E. Krug ’65

Florence Landi-Egiziaco ’67

Dr. Carolyn R. Lansberry

Dr. Lucie and David Lapovsky

Gail A. (Acken) ’65 and W. Scott Leggat

Anne M. Leone ’69

Annemarie C. Levitt

Catherine A. Dietz-Lifrieri ’69 and Frank Lifrieri

Carol R. Lofstedt

Mary B. Lyon, HD ’02

Denise E. Maleska ’65

Margaret M. (Brady) ’66 and
    Anthony J. Marotta

Michelle Y. Mattei ’86

Mary A. ’66 and Paul W. Mayer

Mary Lou (Consentino) ’67 and
    Joseph Mazzarella 

James M. and Marsha McCormick

Mary J. McGahan ’65

Eileen M. McMahon

Theresa B. McMahon ’66

Kathryn P. ’67 and Dr. James F. Melville, Jr.

Maria Miehle ’65

The Mortimer Levitt Foundation, Inc.

Kathleen (Walsh) Murnion ’65

Faye and Glenn Nasworthy

Anne M. (Harnett) ’66 and Thomas J. Norris 

Pat O. Osemwegie

Carol A. (Skrobola) ’65 and Raymond Pace

PG&E Corporation

Wanda K. Piekarski-Hernandez ’67 and 

    Bruno Hernandez

Marguerite (Moliterno) ’65 and
    Clement R. Pizzo

Carmen (Del Toro) Quesada ’66 and
    Raymond Virella

Margretha J. (Minsenberger) ’65 and
    Art Reffelt

Dr. Carol A. Rhoder ’65

Maureen B. (Cusack) ’65 and
    Anthony J. Saldrini

Emily E. (Horan) ’65 and Thomas M. Saunders 

Stavros E. Sitinas

Marion F. (Shookner) ’67 and Michael E. Smith

Patrice M. ’12, ’14 and Christopher J. Sobecki

Dr. Louise T. Squitieri ’65

Joseph Stolzer and Friends 

The Sunshine Lady Foundation

Dr. Joan and Mario F. Toglia

Alberto, HD ’09 and Gioietta Vitale

Ellen Vopicka

John D. Wagner

Donna M. (Maloney) ’67 and
    James T. Washburn ’71

Maureen Washburn ’67

Carole L. Wegman ’67

Barry L. Williams and Lalita Tademy

Dr. Gregory H. Williams, MBA ’14, HD ’17
    and Sara W. Williams