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The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) at Mercy College is a hub for the encouragement and support for teaching at all levels and in the service of greater student success. FCTL is a resource for the Mercy College community and offers services and programs for both full-time and adjunct faculty. The Faculty Center strives for a significant impact on the pedagogy, scholarship, and collaboration at the College.

Faculty Center Update

We are happy to announce that the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Room (Dobbs Ferry campus, Library 2nd Floor) has been restored to its original location and functionality.  As you may recall, due to the heightened need for classroom space, the Faculty Center was temporarily relocated. 

While FCTL-sponsored faculty learning communities, workshops, consultations, and special events will continue to punctuate the academic calendar, bringing us together in person with one another, the Faculty-In-Residence and professional staff for Teaching Excellence and Engaged Learning are pleased to present to the community a new digital medium of exchange, FCTL à la carte.


The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) has been developed to ensure excellence in teaching and learning by promoting a college culture, through conferences and other mediums, where the Mercy community works collaboratively to champion pedagogy and research that acts as a concrete resource for the development and implementation of academic initiatives.

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