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Center for Global Engagement
 Mercy College Study Abroad TO DO List

Due Date Fall
Due Date  Spring

Information about the Study Abroad program is found at   




Complete the application for the study abroad program and the Mercy College application found at

Oct 1

March 15

Review your financial aid package for the semester you will study abroad.  Speak to your advisor to increase package if needed. Tuition will be paid to Mercy College.   You are responsible for living expenses and fees at host university (ex. room and board).

Oct 15

April 1

If you are living on campus, you must give Residential Life advanced notice that you will be leaving to study abroad in order to reserve your room for the semester you return.



Review your Degree Audit with your PACT Counselor and make a list of courses that you need in order to graduate from Mercy College.  Select courses from the university’s catalog that meet the requirements for your Major or courses that will meet your Gen Ed/Elective requirements.

Nov 1

April 15

Select at least 6-8 courses that you could take. Complete the Permission for Transfer of Credits form and and submit to Dr. Gersh.  Make sure you list the Mercy equivalent for each course.  Use one form for each class.  Application, registration, and clearance deadlines: Everything should be signed, sealed, and delivered  to Dr. Gersh

before December 1


May 1 

Make sure you have a Passport, travel/medical insurance before you leave for the program. This is required to obtain the Visa.  Your Passport must be valid for 6 months past period of intended stay abroad. (For example, if you are returning to the US on January 4, your passport needs to expire on or after July 4.)


Dec 1

May 15

If you don’t have health insurance for international travel, the College has insurance available through iNext for approximately $125 for the semester. Contact Dr. Gersh ( for more information

Dec 1

June 1

Enroll in the STEP program. Complete the application found at  and the FERPA form. (Click FERPA to access it.)


Dec 1

May 1

Submit the required forms --Emergency Conact Information form, the Notarized Mercy College waiver, the Health Clearance form, the Specialist Report and a copy of your Passport-- to Dr. Gersh

Dec. 1

April 15

Obtain a Visa from the country’s Consulate in NY or that is located in the region where you reside. Information is found on the Center’s website.

One month before departure

One month before departure

Attend the Pre-departure Orientation

Between Dec 1 and 15

Between May 1 and 12