Mercy Connect Beginner's Guide

Mercy Connect Beginner's Guide

If we still haven't answered your question, please use the contact form to get in touch with technical support.


What is Mercy Connect?
Mercy Connect is Mercy University's web portal that provides personalized access to web services. All registered students, faculty and staff have access to course information, group tools, campus life, personal calendars, e-mail, and more -- anytime, anywhere.

What is my Mercy Connect username and password? 
To obtain your username and password, please click here or visit

Is my information secure?
Your personal information on Mercy Connect is protected through your username and password. Therefore, it is critical that you do not give out your username and password. 

Does Mercy Connect require Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) or 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)?
Yes, Mercy Connect has MFA turned on and enforced. To read more on MFA, please click here.

When is Mercy Connect available?
The portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some services and channels rely on data from systems that are down for backup and maintenance during the evening. These channels may not be available in the portal during that time.

To prevent others from gaining access to your private information (student records, financial information, your online coursework, etc.), particularly when you are using a public computer, please remember to log out. The only way to absolutely ensure that your information remains secure is to LOG OUT before you leave the computer.

How do I get help with Mercy Connect?
If you have questions or problems, contact the Help Desk at e-mail or 914-674-7526.

Who can I contact to make comments or suggestions for the portal?
Your comments and suggestions are most welcome, click here for the suggestion box.

Can alumni use Mercy Connect?
Yes. Your Mercy Connect access stays with you after graduation.

Why does Mercy Connect log me out without letting me know first?
Mercy Connect presents a 'pop up' window alerting you of log out due to inactivity. If you have pop up blockers on, you will not see this message.

Why don't my browser's "back" and "forward" buttons work properly in the portal?
The best way to navigate through the portal is to use the tabs and the links within Mercy Connect. The "back" and "forward" buttons in your browser may move from tab to tab or channel to channel, but if changes have been made or other logins have been made, using the browser's navigation buttons may not have the desired effect.


Do faculty, staff, and students all see the same view of Mercy Connect?
No. Faculty and staff see a different default view of Mercy Connect than students see. The content that an individual sees is determined by their role at the University. Currently the possible roles are student, faculty, and/or staff. Individuals are presented with a different set of tabs and channels containing the default content for their role.

I have a great idea for a new channel. How can I contribute a channel to Mercy Connect?
You may submit your ideas and/or suggestions to our suggestion box.

What course communication tools are available in Blackboard? 
If you are taking online classes, you can access Blackboard from within Mercy Connect or you can login directly Blackboard provides multiple course communication tools such as email, chat etc.

Is training available on Blackboard? 
Yes, please contact Online Learning

How often is the Course I'm Attending/Teaching channel updated in Mercy Connect? 
Information moves from campus databases to the portal in real time. For students, courses are displayed upon registration. For faculty, courses are displayed as soon as the faculty assignment is made. If you do not see the course you are teaching listed, please contact your program secretary and make sure you are assigned to the course.

What is my Office 365 (O365) email username and password?  
Your O365 e-mail address is your One of the features of the portal is that it offers single-sign-on (or "one stop shopping") for a variety of resources, so you do not need a separate password to access your O365 e-mail.  

Please note your O365 email account is the official email account at Mercy University. All official email communication from the University will be sent to your O365 email account. We recommend you monitor and check this email account at regular intervals.

How do I read my O365 e-mail in Mercy Connect? 
You can check your e-mail by clicking on the E-mail icon in the upper right corner of the Mercy Connect screen or you can login directly