Photo Policy

Email Policy Guidelines for Uploading a Photo to your Mercy Outlook Account

(The maximum size of a user photo is 30KB)

  1. You should use a photograph of yourself.
    1. Face should take 60% of frame
    2. Tip: Crop picture from top of shoulders
    3. Choose ideal expression
    4. The background of the photo should be suitable and not distracting.
    5. Dress attire should be professional (no sunglasses or hats unless they are part of a uniform or are required for medical or religious reasons).
      1. Wear clothes that match the level of dressiness in your workplace.
  2. Do not copy photographs of other employees for personal use outside of work place activity.
  3. Do not post pictures of someone other than yourself in Mercy Outlook or Skype for Business Account.
  4. If you would like to upload your Mercy ID photo, please request a copy by contacting the Mercy Helpdesk at