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Cybersecurity Skill Competition Winner

Mercy's CSC Winner

We are happy to announce the following team and their deliverables and
congratulate to the best deliverables that demonstrate cybersecurity
affending/defending skills.

  1. Title: PyCracker Version 1.0 Alpha
  2. Team: Kevin Almeida,
    Chris Martin, and
    Pamela Bleve
  3. Brief Description:
    PyCracker is a GUI based wireless network penetrator and auditing solution.
    PyCracker utilizes a simple user interface so someone with
    little knowledge can operate the software with almost no training.
    PyCracker supports all current wireless encryption types including WEP, WPA,
    and WPA2.

  4. Detailed:
    6 min video clip below:

    For the Document:

    Click here

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