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Naval Surface Warfare Center seeks university research presenters

Naval Surface Warfare

The Naval Surface Warfare Center is looking for
university research presenters for its University Cyber Research Forum this coming spring. To be eligible, applicants’ universities must have the ability or a plan to conduct both contract research and classified research.

Applicants must possess "expertise, capabilities, facilities, and experience"
in the following areas of interest:

  1. Defensive Cyber Operations/Offensive Cyber Operations
  2. Cyber Situational Awareness and Dynamic Semi-Autonomous Service Management Technologies
  3. Mapping of Attacks to Business Processes, Real-time Assessment of Risks, and Decision Support Tools
  4. Trustworthy Cloud Computing

Interest and description of research is due February 28, 2015.
The full solicitation is here:


Peter A. Bloniarz
Executive Director and Senior Policy Advisor
New York State Cyber Security Advisory Board
(518) 880-0718

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