• GMATs optional
  • Non-Business majors welcome
  • Weeknight and Saturday classes
  • Scholarships available
  • Competitive career opportunities


April 23
9:00AM to 7:00PM


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In the heart of the business capital of the world, Mercy College offers a program of unparalleled quality, which can put the country's premier business credential in your hands in one year. Combined with Mercy's competitive tuition rates, you will keep even more money in your pocket.

Classes are taught by former executives, CEOs, CFOs and entrepreneurs - industry leaders from Wall Street to Main Street -- who bring their extraordinary professional experience into the classroom, and offer students access to a network of elite leaders in their respective fields.


According to research commissioned by Bloomberg Businessweek, with an MBA, you'll earn an estimated one million dollars more over a 20 year career. That's why you should earn your MBA at Mercy College. Our One-Year MBA program includes a number of great features:

  • Based in Manhattan
  • Taught by an executive faculty
  • Has flexible scheduling designed for professionals
  • Welcomes Business & non-business majors
  • Is GMAT optional
  • Has competitive scholarships available
  • Incredible career opportunities thanks to our vast MBA network!



The Master of Business Administration degree at Mercy College is rooted in over a quarter century of tradition. It is an evolutionary program, geared to the requirements of today and the vision of tomorrow. The basic philosophy of the Master of Business Administration Program is to provide the graduate with an insight into the wide spectrum of business activity.


The objective of the Master in Business Administration program is to balance theory, reality, techniques, and concepts that facilitate understanding of the spectrum of diverse management challenges. This is accomplished through the student's exposure to a rigorous curriculum and a professional faculty with credentials in both corporate and academic disciplines. A strong integrated approach produces a graduate who has developed foundational skills in analysis, oral communication and decision-making that foster an ever-evolving search for knowledge


General Business Core Classes

MBAA 501 Financial Accounting
MBAA 502 Corporate Finance
MBAA 504 Marketing Systems
MBAA 505 Economic Environment of Business
MBAA 507 International Business
MBAA 509 International Business
MBAA 530 Management and Life Work Planning
MBAA 535 Communication Processes
Advanced Core Courses
MBAA 601 Quantitative Methods in Business Research
MBAA 602 Managerial Economics
MBAA 604 Operations Management
MBAA 605 Business, Government, and Society
ACCT 742 Financial Statement Analysis
Area of Concentration Electives
Four advanced courses numbered 700-799 (or permission of director)
Capstone Courses
Track 1 MBAA 810/811 Capstone Seminar I/II, Thesis, Independent Study or Industry/Company Analysis Business Plan
Track 2 MBAA 815/816 Comprehensive Case Analysis I/II

For the complete course curriculum CLICK HERE.


What are the requirements to be enrolled in the M.B.A. program?

A Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 3.0 or higher is recommended. However, applicants who do not meet those guidelines will receive full consideration for admittance to the program after completing an interview with a member of our MBA team.

How many credits in total are needed to finish an M.B.A.?

Mercy College’s MBA Program consists of 54-57 credits if no waivers of pre-requisites are awarded, and as few as 33 credits with waivers. However, with our new summer turbo-start, up to 21 credits can be waived for both business and non-business majors by participating in our summer program this August.

Are GMATs required?

No, GMATs are not required for admittance to Mercy’s MBA Program.

What is the summer turbo-start program?

The summer turbo-start program is an intensive 100-hour program for students who would like to get the MBA pre-requisites waived. This can apply to both business and non-business majors. With this summer program, students can begin their MBA studies in August of 2013 and receive their MBA in the summer of 2014.

Will I have to quit my job to participate in the MBA Program and/or the summer turbo-start?

No. Mercy College’s MBA Program offers the flexibility needed for today’s professionals. Classes are offered in the evenings, on weekends, and in some cases, through distance learning.

Where are classes offered?

Classes are offered on our Herald Square Manhattan Campus and on our Dobbs Ferry Campus. The summer program will be offered in Manhattan.