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Mercy Society ($250 - $999)

A&A Maintenance Enterprise, Inc.

AJ Indusi Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

Allocation, Inc.

Altice/News 12

Marigrace Amato

American Youth Soccer Organization Region 324

Asbestos Corporation of America

Astoria Bank

Donald Aungst

Whit and Kelly Babcock

Thomas Barbaro

Richard C. Bargon ’74

Anne Torre and James Thompson Bates

Baybrent Construction Corporation

Abdel-Kader Ben-Mohamed

Steven Birmingham

Patricia and Ronald Black

Dr. Iris Blanc

Jane Judge Bonassar

Boy Scouts of America

Mary J. (Habermann) ’66 and David P. Bray

Bronx Community College Auxiliary
    Enterprises Corp.

Bronx Design Group

BSN Sports

Dr. Helen C. and Warren E. Buhler

Patricia J. Byrns ’96 

Elaine Cannella ’97 

Edward C. and Francesca Cantine

Honorable Adolfo Carrion, Jr.

Cassone Leasing, Inc.

Esteban Catarineau

Certified Alarm Tech Systems, Inc.

Cordelia H. Chan ’01

Charter School of Educational Excellence

Dr. Zhixiong Chen

Mark Chmiel

Daniel Cho

Daniel Cohen ’17

Christina Coons

Professor Joyce Coppin

Joseph Corace

Anthony R. ’86 and Mary A. Corso

Creative Touch Landscaping & Home
    Improvements, Inc.

D & D Elevator Maintenance, Inc.

Allison David

Irene R. Delgado ’90

Carole (Kent) ’67 and Michael Denove 

Frances DeSimone ’96

Dixon Golf

Brian T. Donohue ’78

Colleen A. Drucker

East Coast Power and Gas, LLC

Dr. William J. Ehmann

Peter G. Eikenberry

Estrellita V. Ello ’04


Sandra Erickson and Geronimo Matosantos

Gerald ’91 and Joan Estwick

Dr. William Farber

Dr. Saul Fisher

William Follis

Catherine A. (Mahoney) Follis ’74

Eugene L. Franzese ’72

Kathleen C. (Porter) ’65 and Everett Fuller

Felix C. ’80 and Marta Garcia

Dr. Richard Garvey

Patrick W. ’83 and Elizabeth A. Geoghegan

Dr. Sheila and Howard M. Gersh

Dr. Roger S. Gocking

Eileen C. Golden ’65

Dr. Kathleen Golisz

Rosa M. Gonzalez ’69

Elissa A. Greenwald*

Jessica Haber

Charles Haddad

Dr. Nancy Heilbronner

Mary Ellen and William R. Hoffman*

Hospitality Resource Group, Inc.

Hostos Community College Auxiliary
    Services Corp.

Narda Romero and Roger Huacuz

Dr. Nannette and Matthew R. Hyland

Janet E. Judge and Richard J. Dowling

Joyce (Staudenbaur) Kelly ’67

Rebecca ’84 and Gilbert N. Kerlin 

Jody A. King

James Kinney

Dr. Mary C. Kraetzer

James S. ’85 and Madeline La Greca

Thomas Lalla

Thomas and Norma LaMere 

Florence Landi-Egiziaco ’67

Elizabeth M. Leahy ’85

Dr. Carolyn F. Leary ’65

Leon Tax and Professional Service

Douglas Limongelli

Rosemary and Brian Lorenz

Mary Lozina 

    Northeast Connect, Inc.

Edith E. Magnus ’14 and Robert Mayor

Nona F. (Peterson) ’71 and Thomas F. Maher

Dr. Raymond Manganelli

Pamela D. and Larry Markovich

Shaini Mathew

Donald J. Matthews and Ann Bowers

Marion Maybank

Joseph D. Mazza ’89

Frank McAlonan ’97

Ryan McAuliffe

McCullough, Goldberger & Staudt, LLP

Dennis P. and Sarah McGill

McLaren Engineering Group

Exequiel T. ’80 and Cynthia S. Mendoza*

Maria Miehle ’65

Victoria Mondelli

Monroe College

Stephen Moroney

Catherine T. Mulheren ’84

Municipal Credit Union

Miosotis Munoz

Kathleen (Walsh) Murnion ’65

Michelle E. Naylor ’93

Neighborhood Association for Intercultural Affairs, Inc.

Rita Neilan ’16

New York Junior Tennis and Learning

Jaime H. Nieto ’91

NK Architects

Marie O’Connor

Sarah O’Connor, Esq. ’80 and
    Matthew Stragazzi 

Onsite Computer Services, Inc.

Philip Rodi R. Otieno

Anthony Paolencio

Anthony and Carmen Paolercio

Janet L. and John Partenza

Pena & Kahn, PLLC

Victor Petenkemani

Marguerite (Moliterno) ’65 and
    Clement R. Pizzo

Gerardo A. Polito ’83

Todd Prattella and Diana E. Bruzzone 

Prestosports, Inc.

ProStar LLC.

Marie ’65 and Ronald M. Rhodes

Victoria Roberts-Drogin and Paul Napolitano

Frederico Rodriguez ’80

Scorpio Rogers

Rubeo Interiors

Rose A. Rudnitski

Patricia A. Sabatino

Saint Barnabas Hospital

Michael Santoliquido 

    San Signs and Awnings 

Manuel J. Santapau, Jr. and Olga Martinez ’93
Dr. Diane B. Scricca

Cheryl E. and A. John Silver

Tom R. Simmonds

Skyqueen Enterprises

Dr. Peter Gregg Slater

Charles Slattery

Eugene W. and Susan E. Slattery

Heather M. Smolenski ’95

Craig Soss

Eduardo Soto-Laguerre

Stay Visible, LLC

Michael A. Stevens ’04

Tara J. and William J. Sullivan

Stephen T. Swayne ’97*

The Bronx Design Group

Georgette M. (Anner) Toews ’69 and
    Robert E. Berney 

Tompkins Mahopac Bank

Graham Trelstad

Patrick Tutek

N. MacDonnell and Joanne Ulsch

Harold Vesser

Bogdana S. Vladescu ’99

Robert Wade, Esq. and Claire Wade

John Wagner 

    J. Wagner Media, Inc. 

Brian Walsh ’06, MBA ’09 and Trishna P. Walsh

Stephen Ward and Roberta Korus

Dr. Charles E., Jr. and Kari Weis

Drs. Esther and Melvin Wermuth*

Westchester Mechanics Association

Zachary Williams

Joan E. (Demarest) ’65 and Joseph C. Wolf

Christopher Wolt


Anthony H. Zalak ’07

Kathleen Zamechansky 

    KZA Realty Group, Inc. 

Michael J. Zarrilli ’05, ’16