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Update: Mercy's COVID-19 Policies

For the latest information about Mercy’s COVID-19 policies click here.  STUDENTS: To upload your vaccination documentation, click here.  

February 8 Message from the Student Health Office

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Dear Mercy Community,

The New York State Department of Health has expanded eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine to those with comorbidities beginning on Monday, February 15, 2021.  For a current New York State list of eligible comorbidities please click here.

Below is a list of current groups who are eligible to receive the COVD-19 vaccine based on New York State guidelines: (updates in bold):


  • Individuals with comorbidities, Click here for the current New York State list of eligible comorbidities.
  • Individuals 65 years or older
  • Individuals who are immunocompromised. New York State is working with the CDC to provide a comprehensive list of what constitutes immunocompromised.
  • Faculty teaching in-person
  • Campus health employees with patient-facing roles (including clinicians, administrative staff, and any others who interact with patients in-person).
  • Campus staff who administer COVID-19 tests (those who actually do swabs for sample collection).
  • Students on clinical rotations who have patient-facing roles. Only SHNS students who are currently in clinicals are eligible and they will need a letter from their professor stating their eligibility.
  • Campus staff/student volunteers who administer COVID-19 vaccines (those actually doing the injections, not solely in administrative roles).
  • Individuals who meet the conditions above and work in New York and reside in another state.
  • To view a current list of all groups eligible to be vaccinated, click here

As a reminder, here is the process to determine eligibility and make an appointment:


  • Individuals must confirm eligibility and make a reservation through the New York State website, here. Please note that New York State is requiring that individuals receive both doses of the vaccine in the same location.
  • For those located in New York City, please use the scheduling tool available here.
  • For a list of current regional vaccination locations, click here.
  • Individuals will need to bring proof of their eligibility to their appointment.  Accepted forms of eligibility include an employee ID, pay stub, or letter from Mercy.  The College will provide letters of eligibility to bring to your appointment:
    • Faculty will receive letters via email verifying that they are teaching TD, TO and BLD courses for spring.
    • Staff should contact Human Resources at to receive a letter.
    • Students should contact the faculty member overseeing their clinical rotation.

We will continue to provide updates as they are received.  For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. 

Thank you,

Colleen Powers
Director of Health and Wellness Programs