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Maverick Magazine Fall 2021: How Mercy Makes it Possible to Obtain an MBA Quickly and Confidently through TURBO Flex

School of Business student

When Stephanie Blum, M.B.A. ’23, assistant director of special events for Mercy College, was contemplating how to enhance her career, she ultimately decided that obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Mercy would provide her with key skills that would benefit her professional future.

Considering Blum’s undergraduate degree was not in business, and she wanted to earn her degree in a short period of time to quickly boost her skillsets, she enrolled in Mercy’s School of Business TURBO Flex program. The program allowed her to gain essential business knowledge in a condensed timeframe and enter the MBA program with confidence.

“I wouldn’t have been able to go into a course like Intro to Financial Accounting or Intro to Corporate Finance without the preparation that TURBO Flex gave me,” said Blum, who completed TURBO Flex earlier this year while working full time.

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