Maverick Magazine Spring 2022: Supporting K-12 Teachers Post-Pandemic

Teacher and student in classroom

The adjustments since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic have taken their toll, especially in elementary and secondary education settings. For the past two years, despite the return to a semblance of normalcy, pressures on schools—initially with the isolation and need to adapt, then with the struggle to transition back to the classroom—have not fully subsided. Schools, as well as the teachers, students and families they serve, are stressed out.

As schools and school professionals are dealing with this long-lasting stress, Mercy College’s School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SSBS) is preparing future school counselors and psychologists with the needed tools to help address these issues. Two graduate degree programs, School STUDENTS MAVERICK MAGAZINE Spring 2022 | 29 Counseling and School Psychology, train graduates to work in K-12 school settings as counselors and psychologists to help teachers and administrators create safe, healthy, supportive learning environments for all students.

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