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Mercy College Launches New Transfer Credit Max Tool for Prospective Students

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Mercy College has partnered with EAB, an education technology and research company, to create an online portal that allows prospective transfer students to easily determine how many of their college credits will transfer to Mercy College and how many are needed to complete their bachelor’s degree.

The Transfer Credit Max portal provides prospective students with an easy-to-use, unofficial credit estimation tool right on the website. From a personalized dashboard, interested students can estimate the number of accumulated credits they can apply toward a four-year degree at Mercy. They can also explore Mercy’s available majors, receive recommendations for best-fit majors and degree programs, and access 24/7 step-by-step help with the admissions process.

Using Transfer Credit Max, students can get an estimate of exactly where their credits would apply and what courses would remain to complete their degrees much earlier in the application process. The portal makes the transfer process more transparent and easier to navigate for students at any point in the admissions process, whether they are researching schools, ready to apply, or have already been admitted.

“Mercy College aims to be the most transfer-friendly college in New York,” said Adam Castro, Vice President of Admissions. “With the launch of Transfer Credit Max, our prospective transfer students have access to the answers to their most pressing questions – namely, how many of my credits will transfer and how many more classes will I have to take? - even before they apply. This is exactly what our prospective students have been asking for and we are thrilled we could deliver.

Transfer Credit Max will provide Mercy admissions counselors greater insight into the needs and goals of prospective transfer students, allowing them to provide a more customized counseling experience.  To learn more click here.

To view a video about the Transfer Credit Max tool, click here