Monday, July 10, 2017 - 3:45pm

"Problem solving skills are not natural but they can be developed through practice and modeling." That's the premise, and the promise, at the heart of a new book by Mercy College professor Terri Germain-Williams.

“Teaching Children to Love Problem Solving,” just published by World Scientific Publishing, is intended as a comprehensive guidebook for adults charged with developing critical mathematical thinking in children.

Dr. Germain-Williams is Assistant Professor, Secondary Education, within Mercy's School of Education. She began her education career as an 8th grade mathematics teacher in Jericho, NY. The sequence of sections in her new book mirrors the expertise she has brought to bear at all levels of mathematics instruction in her career.

Ranging from “Mathematics for Babies” through “Everyday Problem Solving for 19-23-Year-Olds,” each chapter begins by establishing the achievement benchmark and key mathematical touchstones for the age group before progressing through sample problems and methods for solving them. The author concludes each chapter with an insightful selection of games, challenges and conversation-starters designed to lift the math lessons off the worksheets and into the work-a-day world.

“Teaching Children to Love Problem Solving” was developed with the caring and concerned adult in mind and is now available from Amazon or direct from the publisher.