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Friday, January 15, 2016 - 4:15pm

When Lisa Bertz’s co-worker told her she won the iPad mini from Mercy’s Advancement Department she could hardly believe it. “What?” She exclaimed. Bertz, the Assistant Director of Student Accounts in Enrollment Services, made her generous donation to Mercy’s Annual Fund prior to the raffle announcement and unknowingly was entered into the iPad mini prize drawing.

Bertz, an alumna of Mercy, explains that she spends her days at Mercy College working on students’ financial accounts, “I send bills, process payments and apply refunds. I see what the students are paying, I know what they are sacrificing to be here and to get an education. That is why I give to the Annual Fund.”

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Bertz explains she came to Mercy College soon after moving to the United States. While a student at Mercy she also applied and was hired for a job here. “I’m grateful that I’ve been able to experience Mercy as both a student and a staff member and that I’ve been given the opportunity to continue to grow here even after gaining my undergraduate degree.” Eight years later she holds a bachelor’s degree in health science from Mercy and is halfway through her master’s in education.  

As the first in her family to graduate from college, a dream Bertz said she always had, she smiles as she said: “My mother is so proud of me!” 

Lisa Bertz’s story mirrors that of so many other Mercy College alumni and students. When asked why she gives to Mercy she said, “I can relate with our students, they remind me of a younger version of myself and I want the money I give to Mercy to make a difference.” She goes on to say, “My gifts to the College aren’t going to make or break me, but I know for Mercy and our students every dollar counts.”

Once Bertz completes her master’s degree in education she hopes to maybe become a teacher here. “Mercy has been such an important part of my life as both a student and staff member. I’d like to continue my journey here, but you never know what the future holds,” she said.

While Bertz may not know exactly what the future looks like, one thing she is sure of is how thankful she is for Mercy College: “Mercy College made me who I am today. I feel so fortunate to have an education from here – it changed me and helped me grow.” 

As for the iPad mini, she loves it and so does her 18-month-old son Caleb who plays his animal bible games on it.