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Friday, May 19, 2017 - 4:00pm

Yonkers Thrives – Client of The Mercy College’s Strategic Consulting Institute

Yonkers Thrives is a community-based organization in the city of Yonkers, and its mission is to aid the educational outcomes of the children in Yonkers from “cradle to career.” The Mercy College Strategic Consulting Institute (SCI) was tasked with helping Yonkers Thrives fulfill its mission. The business-minded students of the SCI were particularly well-suited for the task because Yonkers Thrives relies heavily on data analytics to determine, support, and evaluate strategy and because Yonkers Thrives faces a complicated organizational and political environment.

The SCI team examined national and local data on pre-kindergarten services and chronic absenteeism, and the team paid careful attention to the nature of the Yonkers Thrives operating model to determine to best practices in both initiatives and in organizational structure. Ultimately, the SCI team recommended a mentoring program to address chronic absenteeism, a parent involvement program and an academic technology solution to improve pre-kindergarten services, and a funding recommendation based on characteristics of the Yonkers Thrives operating model.

The SCI consultants were Amanda Cohen, Brian Ferrell, Oniyebiye Hinton, Reaz Khan, Noeliz Lee, and the Managing Director was Professor Zach Williams. The Strategic Consulting Institute and its Advisory Board is led by Executive Dean Dr. Raymond Manganelli.