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Office for Teaching Excellence and Engaged Learning

In 2013, the Office for Teaching Excellence and Engaged Learning (OTEEL) was created to promote teaching excellence for student success in alignment with the Mercy College mission.

The staff members of OTEEL and the faculty leaders in FCTL have the privilege of leading and conducting faculty development on our campuses. Our vision for this important responsibility includes four key elements pertaining to pedagogy:

  • Heightened Awareness – of bottlenecks in learning and best practices to improve learning
  • Broad Implementation – of sound pedagogical strategies aligned to student needs
  • Deep Reflection – on how teaching and learning practices perform in different contexts
  • On-going Evolution - of faculty practices on the path to excellence and improved instructional quality

As a teaching-centered institution with a dedicated and talented faculty, OTEEL and FCTL acknowledge that the collective pedagogical knowledge and teaching expertise of our community ought to be brought to bear for all of our goals and objectives.

  1. Optimize the quality of instruction to increase student learning and success
  2. Offer high quality, transformative faculty development events and activities for impactful teaching and learning
  3. Lead the college-wide effort for adjunct integration, engagement and excellence in the service of student success
Ongoing Consultations and Instructional Coaching

All faculty members, and especially new faculty members, are welcome to schedule a consultation with an OTEEL staff member at any point in the semester. Whether we meet to engage in collaborative planning or to refine a current instructional practice, as colleagues in teaching and learning, we are readily available to serve as a resource for all matters related to student success.

Office for Teaching Excellence and Engaged Learning (OTEEL) Staff

Matt Lewis
Senior Instructional Designer

Mitch Fried
Instructional Designer

Erin Reardon
Faculty Affairs Administrator