Important Information: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Students, faculty and staff are at the center of our “OnCampus Plus” reopening plan. Read more here for up-to-date resources and communications about the coronavirus situation. For questions or to provide information that might be useful to the College, please email

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As you know, the spread of Coronavirus is of concern in New York. Mercy College has plans in place to meet challenges. Mercy Online offers assistance to instructors seeking ways to minimize course disruption if students or instructors miss class.

First and foremost, Blackboard is our Learning Management System, providing an online component to your traditional class. At this time, every Mercy class has a Blackboard shell assigned to it that is automatically populated each semester with your specific class roster. In the event of emergency preparedness, Blackboard provides you a convenient means to continue your classes online and minimize course disruption and any negative impact on your students.

We ask you to review the checklist below and begin to develop your personal plan to ensure that you and your students are prepared in the event of a crisis:

  • If you are new to online learning, please contact the Office of Online Learning (914) 674.7584 or
  • Flu-Proof Your Course – ideas on how you can continue your classes online
  • Sign up for one of our Flu-Proof Your Course Blackboard Workshops
  • Plan ahead. Have a communication strategy; tell your students where to find the course information
  • Plan how you will stay in touch with your instructional staff
  • Post your syllabus online and update it with course changes frequently
  • Have a clearly-stated course policy regarding make-ups and absences
  • Copies of irreplaceable files and documents are kept in a safe location and/or are backed up.
  • Are you familiar with your department’s Business Continuity Plan? Consideration on how to continue day to day and vital work. 
  • Develop a strategy for communication with others (students, staff, etc) about cancellations, schedule alternations, alternative work methods and/or locations.
  • Maintain a list of important emergency contact phone numbers handy, both in your office and at home.

This article adapted with permission from Boston College Office of Emergency Management