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Description of Area of Interest

My research is primarily focused on behavioral analysis of violent crime with specific emphasis of devising applied investigative models of profiling and linking serial and sexual crimes. I am also interested in investigative interviewing techniques.


I have recently acquired a large (over 3000 cases) database of serial homicides (Radford Serial Killer Database). I am looking for research assistants to work with me on managing and organizing these data as well as conducting various research projects on the data. Students are welcome to come up with own ideas and I will guide them in completing projects or they can assist on my projects using the data (e.g., testing current profiling and crime classification models).

The current state of research and practice in investigating serial sexual crimes is that while we understand that different types of offenders exist and that these different offenders engage in different crime scene behaviors, when it comes to interviewing suspects, the approach is 'one size fits most', with investigators often reporting that they feel ill-equipped to talk to sex offenders. This project aims to develop an interviewing model that will provide differential advice on interviewing sex offenders depending on the type of offender and offenses that they commit.

This project is still in its early development stage. Research assistants will work closely with me on all stages of the research.

Wrongful Convictions in Serial Rape
Experiences that you will gain
  • Literature searches
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Summarizing or writing up literature
  • Research design
  • Participant recruitment and data collection
  • Data entry
  • Data analyses
Minimum Requirements
  • Minimum time commitment: 1 year . 
  • Weekly time commitment: 10 hours/week
  • Skills & expectations: be punctual, responsive, organized, responsible

Please email me with a brief letter of interest and include your weekly schedule/availability.